Florida cross country state meet 2015 results of the republican

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florida cross country state meet 2015 results of the republican

The United States Senate election in Florida was held November 8, to elect a member of the United States Senate to represent the State of Florida, concurrently with the U.S. presidential election, as well County Results He is the first Republican Senator from Florida since , and only the second with. The United States Senate election in Florida was held on November 6, , alongside a gubernatorial election, elections to the U.S. House of Representatives and other state and local elections. Trump won the state in by % over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Nelson . Republican primary results. Florida FHSAA Cross Country State ChampionshipsClass 1A Region 1Class 1A Region 2Class 1A Region Results - FHSAA 4A District 1 XC Meet.

Archie Tse, The New York Times graphics editor who made the choice when the Times published its first color presidential election map inprovided a nonpolitical rationale, explaining that "Both 'Republican' and 'red' start with the letter 'R.

Popular vote data is necessarily aggregated at several levels, such as counties and states, which are then colored to show election results. Maps of this type are called choropleth mapswhich have several well-known problems that can result in interpretation bias.

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One problem arises when areal units differ in size and significance, as is the case with election maps. These maps give extra visual weight to larger areal units, whether by county or state. This problem is compounded in that the units are not equally significant. A large county or state in area may have fewer voters than a small one in area, for example.

2018 United States Senate election in Florida

Some maps attempt to account for this by using cartogram methods, but the resulting distortion can make such maps difficult to read. Election maps often use a two-class color scheme red and bluewhich results in a map that is easy to read but is highly generalized. Some maps use more classes, such as shades of red and blue to indicate the degree of election victory.

florida cross country state meet 2015 results of the republican

These maps provide a more detailed picture, but have various problems associated with classification of data. The cartographer must choose how many classes to use and how to break the data into those classes.

United States Senate election in Florida - Wikipedia

While there are various techniques available, the choice is essentially arbitrary. The look of a map can vary significantly depending on the classification choices.

The choices of color and shading likewise affect the map's appearance. Further, all election maps are subject to the interpretation error known as the ecological fallacy. For example, due to the simultaneous contrast effect, the Bezold effectand other factors, an area shaded light red surrounded by areas shaded dark red will appear even lighter.

Differing shades of red and blue compound this effect. Some election maps, however, have broken this tradition by simply coloring each areal unit with a red-blue mixture linked to voting ratio data—resulting in an "unclassified choropleth map". These "purple maps" are useful for showing the highly mixed nature of voting, but are extremely difficult to interpret in detail.

florida cross country state meet 2015 results of the republican

The lack of clear classes make these purple maps highly prone to the problems of color perception described above. However, there are pros and cons to both classified and unclassified choropleth maps. Each tend to bring out some patterns while obscuring others.

florida cross country state meet 2015 results of the republican

Critiques[ edit ] The paradigm has come under criticism on a number of fronts. Many argue that assigning partisanship to states is only really useful as it pertains to the Electoral Collegeprimarily a winner-take-all system of elections with the exceptions of Nebraska and Maine. The Democratic and Republican parties within a particular state may have a platform that departs from that of the national party, sometimes leading that state to favor one party in state and local elections and the other in Presidential elections.

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This is most evident in the Southern United Stateswhere the state Democratic Party organizations tend to be more conservative than the national party, especially on social issues. Likewise, Republicans have elected a number of statewide officeholders in states that are solidly Democratic at the presidential level, such as New York, Illinois, Hawaii, and Vermont. The Democratic Party then followed suit, scheduling their convention in Philadelphia the week after the Republicans' convention, to provide a quicker response.

The next day, Ohio Governor John Kasich suspended his campaign, effectively making Trump the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

florida cross country state meet 2015 results of the republican

Trump was the first presidential nominee of a major party since Wendell Willkiethe Republican candidate inwho has held neither political office nor a high military rank prior to his nomination. He was also the first presidential nominee of a major party without political experience since General Dwight D.

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Eisenhower first captured the Republican presidential nomination in This was the first Republican National Convention to be held entirely in July since It is responsible for "organizing, hosting and funding" the convention; it also aims "to promote Northeast Ohio and ensure Cleveland is best represented, and to lessen the burden of local governments in hosting the Republican National Convention".

The arena hosted the first Republican presidential debate of the election, aired by Fox News Channelon August 6, The convention was held July 18—21, Cleveland stalled on approving and making public the demonstration applications it received, while Philadelphia hosting the Democratic National Convention had already granted an application.

Bush and George H. Bush all announced that they would skip the convention.

florida cross country state meet 2015 results of the republican

Senatorsparticularly those facing difficult reelection campaigns, also indicated that they would not attend, seeking to distance themselves from Trump and spend more time with voters in their home states.

Those committee members are selected by the 56 delegations, which determine on their own how to choose their representatives on each committee.