Relationship between internet intranet extranet

What is the Relationship Between Internet, Intranet and Extranet?

relationship between internet intranet extranet

An extranet is an extension of an intranet across the Internet. Acme company has it's own intranet where they have various applications that. Internet. Intranet. Extranet. It is a Global system of interconnected computer network. It is a Private network specific to an organisation. INTRANET/EXTRANET The first global electronic network was the Internet, outside of the dealership, she would be using an extranet type of connection. " An extranet serves as a bridge between the public Internet and the private intranet.".

Lower case "i"nternet A large network made up of a number of smaller networks.

relationship between internet intranet extranet

Upper case "I"nternet The largest network in the world. It is made up of more than million computers in more than countries covering commercial, academic and government endeavors. Originally developed for the U. Users had access to unpublished data and journals on a variety of subjects.

What is the relation between (internet, intranet, extranet) &?

Today, the Internet also known as the Net has become commercialized into a worldwide information highway, providing data and commentary on every subject and product on earth. Intranet The same work defines intranet as "An inhouse Web site that serves the employees of the enterprise. Although intranet pages may link to the Internet, an intranet is not a site accessed by the general public.

The intranet contains information that is available only to those who are "inhouse" but not necessarily physically "in-house," the organization could have offices on multiple continents or some type of corporate partner. Some additional typical uses of an intranet include access to production schedules, inventory, meetings, and training.

The earlier example of Maria working at a Ford dealership is meant to be typical of a smaller organization. An establishment with global locations, however, could have a very complex intranet. Besides data, ordering, and other uses that may well have been used prior to using Internet standards, today's intranet is frequently used for training and videoconferencing. Employee Training The American Society for Training and Development noted that classroom training was rapidly changing to electronic learning e-learning as corporations strove to meet widely scattered training needs "Online and Corporate Universities," E-learning spans the range from training to operate call centers all the way up to learning corporate leadership skills; intranets are often used for this purpose.


Videoconferencing An article in PC Magazine in January reported that while business travel had decreased, videoconferencing also called Web conferencing or Web-casts was increasing by leaps and bounds.

The author of the article, L. Erlanger, went on to state: Yet we live in a global economy, and people in far-flung locations still need to meet. Increasingly, they are doing so via Web conferencing services, which lets both small and large groups of people share presentations and documents in real time over the Web. The services also deliver handy tools for collaboration, including chat rooms, whiteboards, document annotation, application sharing, Web polls, and Web tours.

This type of use would not be practical or cost effective without using the commonly available Internet standards on a firm's intranet. A Web site for customers rather than the general public. It can provide access to research, current inventories and internal databases, virtually any information that is private and not published for everyone.

relationship between internet intranet extranet

An extranet uses the public Internet as its transmission system, but requires passwords to gain entrance. Intranet An intranet network is only available to a small group of people.

Intranets are mainly used within businesses and organizations to provide access to files and applications among networked computers and servers. Intranets may or may not have access to the Internet.

  • What is the Relationship Between Internet, Intranet and Extranet?
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If an intranet does connect to the Internet, a firewall is used to prevent outside access to the intranet. The purpose is to allow people within the same company to share information over a local area network. It is sometimes referred to as a private Internet. Extranet An extranet is similar to an intranet, but is accessible via a Web portal. Extranet Extranets are set up by organizations to provide restricted access to special information.

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For example, a company may set up an extranet to share information with their customers. They may give customers access to support information or downloads for their software. The audience in an extranet has some sort of relationship — typically of a business nature — with the organization hosting the extranet.

relationship between internet intranet extranet

Typically, extranets are password protected thus limiting the accessibility to the site. Intranet Intranets are private internal networks that serve information to employees or other closely related individuals of the organization.

relationship between internet intranet extranet