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The late Lucky Dube was influenced by Bob Marley and Peter Tosh He spoke to BBC Caribbean about the man and his music. . to see him perform live after looking at so many videos of him on stage. . LOCAL LINKS. Lucky Philip Dube, singer, songwriter and musician: born Ermelo, South Explainer videos Inspired by Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff's messages of black pride, After leaving school, he persevered with his music while studying at to Dube's artistic longevity was the stability of his working relationships. My relationship with Lucky Dube began the day I walked into a small music shop called Ziyaduma. I had gone there hoping to find a copy of Bob Marley's album Uprising. The year was Prisoner: Watch the music video.

My uncle played his mbaqanga album Kudala Ngikuncenga ad nauseam. | Caribbean tributes to Lucky Dube

Reggae greats, including Marley, had struggled for decades to win the ear of the mainstream audience, and Dube did it without even trying. Unlike purists, Dube was not confined by barriers. He was not afraid to take the best of two genres and create a sound that was glocal. Dube was not afraid to take the best of two genres and create a sound that was glocal He won where legends had failed, much like jazz legends such as Fats Waller and Jimmy Smith, who introduced the electric organ into the genre despite protestations from purists, and made it popular.

Waller introduced it in the s and Smith turned it into a respected and popular instrument in modern jazz in the s. Without innovation, it is a corpse," former British prime minister Winston Churchill once said. Dube did not only conquer South Africa, but went on to earn respect globally, even receiving several invitations to perform in Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae. He released 22 albums in a year period and became South Africa's biggest-selling reggae artist.

If he was alive today, he would have been proud of Marley's youngest son, Damian, whose fusion of reggae and pop has made him a global megastar.

I got the opportunity to see him in live performance at the last music fest which was held here in Tortola earlier this year. I enjoyed this and was looking forward to the next time. His message is one of peace and unity for all mankind. His memories will continue to live in the art of all of us who admire him dearly. A man filled with encouragement, hope and love, killed by monsters filled with a hate they don't even understand.

Lucky Dube has and always will be an inspiration to us. He is mourned by people, black and white, around the world, not just South Africans. I got steel pulse upon receiving the tragic news. Let the band play on in his memory. Nobody can stop reggae and we need to teach the world to love one another more - even if it takes a million people, as we see it takes one stupid fool to destroy everything.

Lucky Dube was all about spreading love and peace throughout the entire world, not only in Africa. Big girls don't cry, but wherever I am and whatever I do, I'll remember him. God knows I love You! Kamala Francois Kamala, St. How could these senseless robbers committed this act. They have hurt the world and the wonderful message that Lucky Dube took to the world.

Rest In Peace, Lucky!!!! Pasquee, Belize Bless to the great Lucky Dube! Maarten As a Liberian who was once recycled through the complete metamorphosis of the Liberian civil crisis, there were many days when I found consolation in the true and powerful messages from Dube.

He will be missed and may he rest in perfect peace!!!! Cooper II, Netherlands Antilles "How long shall they kill our brothers, while we stand aside and weep? The words of Bob Marley. Why do these things happen? Lucky came to my island a couple years ago. He is so cool. I love reggae music. Respect to you Lucky - Respect. From the first time I heard his music, he reminds me of another reggae super star Bob Marley.

Why are we killing our freedom fighters? The world mourns the loss of such a great singer. He will always be remembered for his contribution to reggae music.

As a Grenadian woman it inspires me to fight for what is right. My thoughts and praises go out to his family and fans. May his soul rest in peace Laurnie Jonh, Sauters, Grenada I am not one to write anything in such a public manner, but I was physically ill this morning when I heard this news.

What a concert that was! It was a truly mesmerizing and soul-stirring event. Even in torrents of rain, the thick crowd remained firmly in place. My prayers go now out to his family particularly his children and to all the fans worldwide who share in this tragic and senseless loss. J C, Anguilla It's jus so wrong for a freedom fight, like Lucky to loose his life over his own car. I'm only 18 but it shows that violence has overtaken jus about every good thing in society.

When he preformed at the I. Cricket World Cup opening ceremony, it moved me.

10 years after his death, Lucky Dube's music is still a topic of debate

Now he's gone, it make me take a new look on life. His killer s should be found and put behind bars for a long time. Rest In Peace Lucky. You will be missed. John's, Antigua The world mourns the lost of a reggae icon.

Lucky Dube songs have inspired many not only in South Africa,but in the wider world. His songs tells of hope and one day peace in this world.

Let us all honour his memories and fight against crime and racism in this world. He will live on in his music and in our hearts Suzette Lewis, St. Vincent and Grenadines I can't believe he is dead. I remember when he came to Dominica I had to borrow money from my parents to see him live.

My daughter and husband are very sad. My heart goes out to his family and friends. When I got the news from a colleague of his death it devastated me. I would have loved to see him perform live after looking at so many videos of him on stage. A great man was lost indeed. Kelly Bartholomew, Trinidad Lucky Dube, was one of the great icons singing about the sufferings trials and tribulations of black people.

He left great messages in his music will be remembered for a long time. Trevor Wilness, Gros Islet - St. Lucia I was always wondering if I would ever get to go to one of Lucky Dube's concerts and yes that happen but instead of one I went to the two concerts that he kept in SK and boy were they great and now hearing that he is dead it feels like he were my family.

Forget about power and self. Stand up as one people. There should be no Christian, no Muslim, no tribe and no nationality. Lucky Dube was as many have stated a Son of Africa! Do not let his message and his life be one that is silenced. Make this tragedy a focal point to enact change not only in SA but in Africa! Lucky's Music will live on like those of Bob Marley, Joseph Hill culture and all the great reggae icons who have gone. Edison Francis, Grenada Since I was a 15 year old boy I have loved Lucky Dube's music and generally reggae music and the news of his death is a really hard blow to me, my community and my country in the Caribbean.

Until this violence stops, there will be no peace.

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I hope they catch the perpretrators of this wicked act. We will miss you Lucky Dube!! I am listening to his music right now Hope his son can continue the legacy.