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Interview: Epica’s Simone Simons talks about combining metal with anime | Roppongi Rocks

I love the fact that Simone and Mark started Epica in a relationship but krungy- mindleeg reblogged this from santuariosimonesimons. We caught up with vocalist Simone Simons and guitarist Mark Jansen on the 70, Tons of Metal Cruise. They both spoke about the. Mark Jansen, (born 15 December in Reuver, Netherlands), is a Dutch guitarist, vocalist, and [4] In the past, he had a relationship with Simone Simons . Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business.

In addition, they have a world-class singer. Simone Simons is leagues above most competitors and that sets Epica apart from many other bands in the same genre. But it was really new for us. We had to slow them down a little bit in order for us to play it and not have them computer programmed. It was a challenge, like how can we fit all the pieces of the puzzle together?

Interview: Epica’s Simone Simons talks about combining metal with anime

How does the original composer think about it? We recorded demos and we sent them to Japan. We had the lyrics in Japanese translated to English. So then Mark, Coen and I divided up the four songs and rewrote the lyrics. Everything went really smooth. I am myself a huge soundtrack fan, so this was a great opportunity to do something on my wish list. Still, I would like to work more in this field because I enjoyed it immensely. He guides us through the whole process, from the beginning to the end.

He is very organised, which is a great thing, because not all musicians are like that. We recorded professional demos — that almost sounded like they only had to be mixed and mastered and they could also be on the EP — for us to get the material in our bones, in our systems, so that when we recorded for real it would be really natural. We approached the whole writing and recording session exactly the same as we would do with normal Epica material.

Caroline Misokane, Roppongi Rocks Epica seems to be a bit heavier live than on record. I love that extra heaviness we get from Epica on stage. Drums, bass, guitar, the choir and then the vocals come in the end, the arrangements. Then, after, we are going to take our time, enjoy time at home and let creativity flow, whenever it hits us.

And get together a couple of months after that and see how many songs we have, how are we going to plan the year.

EPICA - “I Need Something To Do, If Simone Gets Pregnant!” -

In we toured a lot. We toured our asses off. The couple has a young son together. But we make sure that our schedules are not blocking each other, so one of us is at home. There sometimes is an overlap of a couple of days, but we have great family that helps us with that. Not to sound ungrateful, but it got out of balance. We were all missing our families a little too much. We want to still appreciate what we do.

We know it is very special and we want to live it as long as we can. We want it to come organically. Hi, Simone very cool to talk to you.

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Hello there, very nice to talk to you too! We would like to start this interview speaking a bit of your early days as a singer and what got you into music. Then I went to High School and the music teacher told me I had a good voice. So I got lessons, but that part was more like POP singing lessons, but I felt that was not really for me, so I switch to classical singing when I was 15, and there I was open to any kind of music style, not only rock, so I started to listen to some more alternative styles, so I got into metal and I was blind by that music, for the first time I was blind!

And speaking about that…Did you ever imagine becoming so popular and traveling the world with a band? What can you tell us about the process of the album? Did you guys try to move in another direction or try new things to make it different from previous releases? Well it definitely has different elements than our previous album Design Your Universe. For example, I think is a bit more dirty and darker touches and a lot of extremity, so compared with Design Your Universe it is not as very, how I can say…bombastic, but still very symphonic, but a bit more complicated, a little more darker, a little more heavier.

And speaking about your fans. How did they react to the new album? How was the feedback? Well you know, every time you release a CD, there will be people who will still be more attached to the old stuff, but there are others that really love the new stuff more than the old one. Obviously we are very excited about your Australian tour with Epica, and as fans we wonder if you guys will have any special treat or surprise for the Aussie fans during the shows.

Well, first of all we will be playing one and a half hours minimum and we could go up to two hours, which will be a mixture of all the Epica songs and we hope to bring a very spectacular set of light for the show and more than that we will bring a very good energy vibe!