Arhi ff love hate relationship thread 5

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arhi ff love hate relationship thread 5

Love hate relationship -Sugar_Arhi. Unfaithful Arshi Series: How I Met Your Mother -aicha99 An unexpected roommate -Carabelli 5. I will. Friday, 5 April Ongoing FFs. arshi CManniversary celebration (must read) · Winning my Love hate relationship -Sugar_Arhi. Unfaithful. 3, 4, 5, 6 · 7, 8, 9 “I told you I would manage. A disheveled Arnav strolled in with a bit of pink streamer sticking out his pocket and a bit of thread clinging lovingly to his cheek. . “So, much as I hate to admit it – you win. Short stories, Silver StreaksTags #relationships, #silverstreaks, Arshi, Children, fun, IPKKND, Life

What is going to happen to me the next time you get angry? You felt an anger that you couldn't control. Anger that I could do this to you. Anger that the great Arnav Singh Raizada could be fooled, cheated, hurt, betrayed by a slip of a girl with no wealth or aukat Then you retaliated by airing the video clip of my falling into your arms at the fashion shoot, didn't you?

Do you know what happened to me when the programme aired, Mr. And worse still, they hurt Babuji. They hit him and pushed him down when he came to my help. Arnav looked at her, his eyes wide in shock, anger at himself eating into his guts. Raizada, your Jijaji is the worst scoundrel on earth. But I am thankful to him for one, single act of his.

He saved me from the hooligans. If your ego feels the pinch, then you cross all bounds to strike back, don't you? Regardless of the cost? Regardless of how your actions affect another person's life?

You react without thinking things through when you are angry, don't you? Your reason goes out through the window when anger enters through the door, doesn't it? You drove me out of Lucknow. My family cried tears of blood at the humiliation they had to face. But all that didn't matter to you, did it?

You have destroyed my life, Mr. You have left me with nothing. And worst of all, you have humiliated the family that was foolish enough to take me in 10 years ago.

You repaid their love for you with You have now driven me from Delhi, back to Lucknow. And I have nothing more to lose. My self-respect, my family, my future, my reputation, my honour, my life, my faith in others, my wish to live, my marriage, my husband I have lost everything.

I hope you are very happy with the results of your thoughtless actions They are all safe, aren't they? Your ego is satisfied, isn't it? Please go and have a happy life. And leave me alone.

But I will never come to Delhi again. I will not set foot into your house again. I promise you that I will not visit Jiji during the festivals and the family functions that will demand the presence of her family. Raizada, that I never have to see you again in my entire life. I hope I never have to see you again in my entire life Arnav wanted to cry. He had destroyed everything she held dear. Only her spirit lived on. And he couldn't lower himself to extinguish that spirit even to save his life.

I wanted to punish you, Khushi. For hugging Shyam, as I believed. For not loving me when I loved you so much I should have thought, I should have investigated More importantly, I should have trusted my heart instead of my eyes and his lies. The only excuse I can give you is that I am not used to feeling like this, loving someone That is my sin, my crime But not for a single moment did I think of you as anything other than my wife.

You owned my heart, my life, my breath. The thought of you leaving me He drew a deep breath. There was no way out of this bond for us then. There is no way out now I will marry you, Khushi. You will be my wife. And I will be your husband. Regardless of how many days it takes. Regardless of how far you run away from me I will fill your maang with sindoor.

And you won't have to step into RM. I will carry you over the threshold. You won't visit your Jiji for festivals, Khushi Because you will be living in the same house with her. You can avoid coming to Delhi, Khushi.

But you can't stop me from visiting Lucknow. This time I will marry you when you choose me of your free will I don't want to let you go.

arhi ff love hate relationship thread 5

Not now, not ever. I have hurt you too much. I will wait, till you believe in my love for you. By the way, everyone except Nani, Di, you, and me thinks that we were in a contract marriage. Let it be so. But they were not angry with me As they should be. They love you, Khushi. As much as Amma and Buaji love me. He strode across the room, his long legs eating up the distance between them.

He pulled her into his arms, his face buried in her hair. But know that where ever you go, I will follow you like a shadow. Because I have no existence without you He took a seat beside Buaji, and said softly, "Khushi needs more time to think. He said, "Let her go to Lucknow and start her business. We will visit frequently. I will call regularly. We can arrange the marriage in Lucknow when she is ready to marry me. Akash smiled, and put his hand around Arnav's waist and hugged him.

The family finally left. Khushi was still in her room. She said that she had to pay someone. Maybe it is the man she is doing her dabba business with She had accompanied me to his jewellery a few months back to pawn two of my bangles so that she could start her halwai business. And he hadn't even paid her!

I don't want her to lose her mother's jewellery too. The jeweller was happy to sell it back to them. Arnav paid him, feeling relieved. He handed over the jewellery to Buaji, asking her to keep it.

It is yours now. You keep it safe. You can give it to Khushi after she marries you. He said softly, "Buaji, if Khushi tries to sell anymore of her mother's gold, or if you have need of money, please call me and let me know. I will buy the gold from her. I will send you the money, as much as you want, when ever you want.

Arnav took down Buaji's phone number, and dropped her back home. He left without seeing Khushi.

arhi ff love hate relationship thread 5

The Guptas had one week to shift to Lucknow. They spent the time cleaning the house, packing, repairing a couple of faulty locks, covering the furniture, paying all the bills, and informing the neighbours. All of them were busy, but no one was as busy or happy as Khushi. Amma and Buaji watched her trying to outrun her memories of Arnav Bitwaa, sit in front of her food and not eat, come out of her bedroom in the morning with black circles under her eyes, and sighed for her.

They didn't know what was wrong between Khushi and Arnav, but they were certain that it wasn't a lack of love. They had seen his love in Arnav's eyes, and Khushi was dying for him. Whatever misunderstanding had sprouted between them, had to be tackled by them. Time and patience alone could help them. They watched her, and attended his numerous calls every day asking after her. She raced around the house, doing one thing after the other, a big smile on her face, keeping herself so occupied that she had no time to think of him.

She fought with herself, her memories, him If only she could work at night too. If after pacing the length and breadth of her room, she finally fell in to fitful sleep, he would invade her dreams. Thanx, Xarshi She would feel his fingers smoothing her hair from her face, his fingers lingering on her cheek, his hands cupping her face, his fingers touching her hair She would wake up, sweating, her heart thudding loud enough to be heard a mile away.

Or she would wake up, dreaming that he had left her alone in the dark, and jump out of bed to search for him Part of every night was spent in making pile after pile of jalebis. He had infiltrated every part of her life. Her room, her bed, the mosquito net, even the sheets, her table, her Devi Maiyya, the plants he had watered and nurtured in pots, the cooler he had repaired, the dining table he had shared with them, the cot he had sat on, the constant queries about him from the neighbours, even the clothesline that he had tied for Buaji She wanted to run out of the house, and hide herself in some deep, dark jungle so that she could cry her heart out, scream in anguish without having to worry about what her family would feel She kept her phone switched off.

She didn't know if he would call, but she didn't want to take the risk. But she knew that he was in constant touch with Buaji and Amma. He talked to Babuji over the phone, even though Babuji found it difficult to form words. His family and her Jiji were always in Laxmi Nagar, walking in and out of the house, helping them pack She never let them talk about him, never asked about him. They had repeatedly asked her to switch on the phone, but she had smiled and evaded the issue.

Jiju had made it a point to talk to her daily, ask after her health She was not ill, just dying But she refused to admit this even to herself. She lived from day to day, struggling to draw each breath.

Krishna Janmashtami passed in a haze. Memories of the last Janmashtami, of how the ghee had fallen on his cuff, how she had tricked him in to coming down for the pooja by switching off the lights, how she had forced him to participate in the function She spent the whole night making jalebis.

She finally switched on the phone on the eve of their departure. It was flooded with missed calls. From him, from Di, from the Raizada house land line, from Jiji, from Jiju She called all except him, talked to them, was all cheer and enthusiasm, trying to fool them in to thinking that she was happy to be leaving.

It was time to leave for the station. Akash had come in his car. He helped them place their luggage in the vehicle, and helped Babuji in. At the station, Khushi busied herself stacking their bags while the Guptas greeted Anjali, Nani, Mami, Mama, and Jiji who had come to the station to see them off. I will call daily. Please don't switch off your phone. I will keep it on. Anjali handed over packets of food for the Guptas, and Akash and Mamaji helped Babuji into his seat.

They arranged the bags in the space provided. I was not your It was all just You are our Badi Bahu now. You will always remain our Badi Bahu He hasn't slept or eaten properly since you left. He has been working 24 hours since you left. It hurts to look at his face.

Return soon, Khushi Bitiya. I would like to see you living happily with Chotey before I die Some are his own. Some, he inherited from his parents. Some, he picked up in the line of his work. But I don't think he is a hopeless case. He is willing to change, and only you can help him change.

Don't let go of his hand Promise me, Khushi Bitiyaa Aman and he are very close. You just need to get to know him better. Why are you so defensive right now, anyway? I may not like the same people you do, Lavanya! I just thought that Arnav was a little…standoffish.

You could have put my eye out with that thing! Anyway, weirdo, Aman and Arnav are old friends of mine. But please be nice when you do see him? Lavanya would tell Khushi to get a grip and move on in life— maybe focus on the next paper. She may even launch into a 3 Idiots-like diatribe against the pitfalls of institutionalised education. How could she have messed up so? But this was inexcusable!

As the unfairness of it all sunk in, an overwhelming wave of frustration and helpless anger created a tightness in her chest. The feeling of forlorn isolation grew until she released a shuddering breath through her mouth and her eyes stung with sudden tears. Hoping that no one had noticed, she fished a tissue out of her bag and surreptitiously dabbed at her eyes. An involuntary sniffle caused a fresh wave of tears to roll down her cheeks. Giving up, she slumped down onto the table, cradling her head in her arms.

Maybe if she stayed like that, whoever it was would go away. Her eyes followed a lean form encased in wrinkle-free grey trousers and a white formal shirt, leading up to an open collar through which a scrap of honeyed skin was visible and further up to a disastrously familiar, handsome face.

Today, his brows were furrowed and his eyes clouded in concern, but there was no mistaking Arnav Singh Raizada. Her hair and clothes reflected all her travails of the day. And she knew her thick kohl must have streaked down her face with her tears.

arhi ff love hate relationship thread 5

And to top it all off, the person who had discovered her like this was the unflappable, ever-perfect Arnav Singh Raizada, looking as scrumptious as ever in his infernal formal wear. Do you need any help? What had come over her? Khushi felt her breath stutter a little. He had the most gorgeous eyes! The colour of rich cocoa and fringed with lashes any girl would envy, they crinkled delightfully at the corners.

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Do you want me to call Lavanya or something? So why are you upset? I…had a paper today. I blanked out completely in between and panicked and it basically sucked.

And frankly, I have enough sleep deprivation and general stress to deal with— I can do without this. Khushi took a bite of her cupcake and wondered whether the lightness in her head was from the sudden sugar rush. So I ditched Lavanya in college and came here to get myself a cupcake.

Trust me on this. You had exams in Spanish and yoga? Stop looking at me like that. See, I get having a foreign language component. Obviously, most of us disagreed— especially when we had 7 AM yoga classes daily in our fourth semester. So I shavaasan-ed my way through and then I realized that there was a theory component. I guess I should pick up my brownie and get going too. Do you…want me to drop you home? And…er…who comes to Buttercuppe for brownies?

Who are you even talking to with such a dorky smile on your face? Just who were you texting? Oh my god, who are you talking to?

I was just talking to a friend. I was talking to…Arnav. I bumped into him today at Buttercuppe and we got talking. He offered to drop me home and when I refused, he told me to text him after I got home.

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Secondly, you got home an hour and a half ago and have been glued to your phone ever since. Talk to him all you like. Not that I asked or anything. People were too inquisitive. She got into the car, turning the radio up and driving home. She felt the exhaustion seep through her; maybe he was right, she did overwork. Tying her hair up loosely, she spread the blanket on the carpet, in front of the fireplace.

It was her favorite spot in the house, her safe haven. The door clicked open she heard him come inside, remove his shoes and go upstairs. She sat there for a while, not wanting to get up. Not only was it practical, but she loved living with him, sharing his life. She loved him, and she knew he loved her too. But they said the words as little as possible. He was no longer the dominant one in their relationship, their relationship was finally what it should have been; they were equals, parallels.

Khushi murmured an apology for not heating it up herself but he shushed her. They finished eating quickly and she was about to get up to wash the dishes but he stopped her, pulling her back.

She gladly complied and slithered into the blanket, her back resting on his chest. She could feel her weariness seeping away as his quiet breathing calmed her down and her headache reduced as he ran fingers through her hair. She held the book, while he read aloud. She loved reading like this.

arhi ff love hate relationship thread 5

His voice did wonders to her stress levels and they dropped to a bare minimum. She turned the pages and he read out loud. She wondered when this shift had occurred.

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He was the yin to her yang, her other half, her equal. He understood her like no one else and every now and then he let her in on his own fears, dreams, hopes and she listened to him. He understood her importance for independence and so they had a separate bank account. He knew she was still scared about Shyam although she never said it. He knew that when she had a tiring day at the office she liked it when he ran fingers through her hair. She knew that although the two of them hardly ever said I love you, their love lied in the actions; the little things that were seemingly too small to show anything but usually conveyed a million emotions.

On days she tried being too perfect, stretching herself to the breaking point he held her close, nuzzling his face in the crook of her neck, telling her in his own way that she was perfect, just like that. She loved the way his hand always rested on the small of her back, making her feel inexplicably safe.

She knew that if she ever came out of the shower in nothing but a towel, she had the time for one gasp before he kissed her senseless and she forgot who she was.

She loved how he was the only one who could cheer her up when she was low.

arhi ff love hate relationship thread 5

There were times when she had felt unsure of whether he really loved her, it was too fantastical to be true…but he did. It showed in the way his face lit up when she walked into the office, the way a new pen would be lying on her desk just when hers was about to finish. It showed in the way his body molded hers perfectly at night.

She snuggled into him as his arms wrapped tighter around her. Khushi sighed in bliss. This feeling of sitting in his arms, being held like she was all that mattered, that was home. She saw his gaze intensify with love when he saw the raging emotions in her eyes.

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In that moment, she wanted to say so much. She was still scared of being vulnerable. The frustration of not being able to voice her feelings, sprung up as tears in her eyes and a second later, his thumb was there, wiping them off. She hated how he always knew. Her eyes filled up again, and she blinked the tears back.