Rock and roll gymnastics meet 2013

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rock and roll gymnastics meet 2013

16, > Rock 'N' Roll Express Meet & Greet Fan Fest Ticket required to enter Meet 'N' Greets Air Track Gymnastics Tumble Mat Airtrack 09/30/ Arizona Dynamics Gymnastics - , Level 4 5 AZ State Championships , Rock-n-Roll Classic, I have been a gymnast/cheerleader pretty much my whole life. Coaching has always been a passion of mine and I got to start pursuing that dream in so I am extremely excited to be part of the coaching team here at Tuck N Roll!.

That means running, stretching and strengthening exercises for the abdomen and back.

Avril Lavigne - Rock N Roll (Official Music Video)

Then we start with choreography and basic step workout and finally we are heading to learn new individual sub-elements. You also need strength, technique and the comprehension of choreographies. All groups of all ages are welcome.

High School Rock-N-Roll Meet

Because the dancers spend so much time together, they build up a really close relationship, which is understandable. This sport consists of more than just dancing and acrobatics; it is also about friendship.

rock and roll gymnastics meet 2013

Even during tournaments, the competitors are working and helping each other, instead of trying to just beat each other as best as they can. Back to the Fifties. Mohamed Nader has a different idea about this special dance: It is an active, couple dance in style of the Fifties. Instead of wearing jeans and petticoats, appropriate attire is required and also the music changed into more modern rock and pop music with speeds of beats per minute.

And this means for the dancers a lot of sweat: They have to bounce or kick on every of these beats. As a result of the more spectacular and more dangerous acrobatics, the injury risks increased as well. It is important to practise a lot. I, for myself, have already had two worse accidents. She set a state record in winning the vault with a 9.

The most dangerous dance in the World! Believe me or not – it is Rock’n’Roll! – The Circular

She added firsts on the bars 9. She was second on the floor. In the individual and team competitions combined, she had the best score in six of a possible 10 events. She makes her second appearance on this team. Was an integral part of the program's 10th consecutive state title, posting the best score on the bars, second-best on vault and floor exercise and tied for the fourth-best on the beam. Individually, she finished second on the bars, fourth on the floor and ninth in the all-around.

She won a district title in the vault and bars and was second in the all-around. Nicole Pratt School, year: Helped the Mustangs produce the program's best showing at state with She had three top finishes in the team competition, turning in three scores of 9.

rock and roll gymnastics meet 2013

She led her team on the beam, the floor and the all-around and qualified for four of the five events in the individual competition. She completed her second season on the varsity and has qualified for the state meet both years. Michaela Romito School, year: Won her third straight state floor championship with a 9.

Was second on the vault and all-around, third on beam and fourth on the bars.

rock and roll gymnastics meet 2013