The indian in cupboard ending a relationship

Homework For The Indian in the Cupboard: Chapter Summaries

the indian in cupboard ending a relationship

This study guide for "The Indian in the Cupboard" will help students and teachers comprehend this novel as Why does Omri give his mother the key at the end of the novel? What do you think of the relationship between Little Bear and Omri?. Read Common Sense Media's The Indian in the Cupboard review, age rating, and How did Omri deal with the loss of his friends at the end of The Indian in the. Omri's theory is that when the cupboard is locked with a special key, any plastic figurines or toys inside are changed into real things and if they.

Ask children to see the world through the character's eyes and write about it. In writing journals, students can answer this question in a complete paragraph or more: If you had a magic cupboard, what would you bring to life and why? Before students answer this question, discuss with them the moral issues and responsibliites of bringing something or someone to life in the cupboard. This is one of the favorite Indian in the Cupboard activities: Students enjoy watching the movie after they read the book.

Then they like to compare and contrast the book and movie and discuss or debate which one they prefer and why. Questions While doing Indian in the Cupboard activities, students can also answer questions in reading response journals or in a class discussion: Why doesn't Omri tell anyone for a while about bringing Little Bear to life?

When one of the little men gets hurt, how do they get medical attention?

the indian in cupboard ending a relationship

Should Omri have told Patrick about the magic of the cupboard? What problems does Patrick cause by brining Boone to life? Who is more resonsible with the magic of the cupboard—Patrick or Omri? Does Omri make the right decision at the end of the novel to bring a bride to life for Little Bear?

Why or why not?

the indian in cupboard ending a relationship

Why does Omri give his mother the key at the end of the novel? What do you think of the relationship between Little Bear and Omri? How do they treat each other? This post is part of the series: Afterward, Omri decides that things were getting too complicated and he turns Tommy back to a plastic figure.

Then Omri gathers supplies outside so that Little Bear can build a longhouse. At lunchtime, he sneaks away from school to a store to buy a plastic Indian figure of a chief. The chief has a bow and arrow for Little Bear. When Omri turns the plastic chief into a real Indian the shock kills the old man. Father discovers that Omri has taken things from the green house which Omri used for the Indian and Omri must rush to the store to replace the items.

All along Omri had been dropping hints about having a real Indian but he would not allow Patrick to see him.

the indian in cupboard ending a relationship

Now Patrick gives him a toy cowboy and teases Omri that now he can play with real cowboys and Indians. Omri finally agrees to let Patrick come home with him. When they get to his room, Omri discovers that his brothers are in his room. When looking for their pet rat, they discover the intricate miniature longhouse that they assume Omri built. After getting rid of the brothers, Patrick and Omri find Little Bear and the horse hiding under the bed.

Patrick is excited that the plastic figures are real and impulsively wants to change more figures into real ones. It takes some time for Patrick to realize that these are real humans and not just wind-up toys.

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After watching and back and forth conversation with Omri, Patrick abandons the idea of turning all the plastic figures into real people. They rig up a miniature fire pit for Little Bear to use for cooking.

Patrick finally asks for just one live figure of his own. The boys verbally and physically struggle and step on the fire pit by accident and Little Bear is outraged. Omri goes downstairs to get something for Little Bear to eat and while he is gone, Patrick puts a plastic figure into the cupboard and produces a cowboy and horse.

Omri warns him to be careful but Patrick grabs the cowboy and gets shot in the cheek by a tiny gun. Omri convinces Patrick not to take the cowboy home but agrees to bring him to school in the morning. At dawn, Omri wakes up to the sound of fighting between cowboy and Indian. Finally Omri must scoop Little Bear up to protect both men.

When Little Bear learns that Omri is taking the cowboy to school, he wants to go, too. He makes them wash up first. After eating another fight begins but Omri interrupts it by scooping them up and putting them in separate pockets to go to school. Finally they get in the building safely. The tiny men had both been lonely and afraid in the dark pockets of each owner and want to be in the same pocket.

the indian in cupboard ending a relationship

So Omri takes their weapons away and puts both men in his pocket. Omri is so worried that Little Bear will be hurt. Omri and Patrick argue.

Homework For The Indian in the Cupboard: Chapter Summaries

Patrick disappears and returns to class late. Patrick is prepared to spill the secret to the headmaster but Omri jumps on him.

He takes the Indian and cowboy away from Patrick. To keep them busy, he gives Boone, the cowboy, paper and a pencil and Boone draws an amazing miniature picture of the main street in his hometown. The art teacher is speechless when she views it with a magnifying glass. The bell rings before Omri has to explain. The cupboard is returned but the key is missing. The boys go on a frantic search to find the key to no avail.

They sit down to watch a western on television and, imitating the movie, Little Bear shoots an arrow and seriously wounds Boone.

The Indian in the Cupboard Movie Review

They pull up the carpet and floorboard and a tense situation ensues. They send Little Bear down the hole in the floor. He retrieves the key and climbs out of the hole just in time before the rat reaches him.

The boys use the key to bring Tommy, the army medic back to life to care for Boone.