Switzerland and russia relationship

Bilateral relations Switzerland–Russia

switzerland and russia relationship

Switzerland and the Russian Federation have both been signatories of that the bilateral AEOI relationship with Russia has been activated. Visa & entry to Switzerland. The responsible Swiss representation provides information on visa requirements and how to submit a visa application. You will also. Russia–Switzerland relations are foreign relations between Russia and Switzerland. Switzerland opened a consulate in Saint Petersburg in , upgrading it.

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switzerland and russia relationship

In particular, any sale or commercial use of these data is prohibited. Alleged Russian spying in Switzerland was one of the main items on their menu, alongside the political situations in Ukraine, Afghanistan and Syria.

Automatic exchange of information Switzerland-Russia from /19

Relations have been strained between the two countries after a series of revelations of alleged spying by Russians in Switzerland, which Moscow continues to deny. Swiss authorities believe that two Russian spies targeted a Swiss chemical weapons testing facility outside the capital, Bern, while prosecutors are also investigating a cyberattack against the offices of the World Anti-Doping Agency WADA in Lausanne.

switzerland and russia relationship

In September, two Swiss newspapers also reported that a confidential intelligence report compiled for the Swiss government suggested that one in four Russian diplomats based in Switzerland was a spy. Russia roundly dismissed the claims. Nonetheless, the Swiss minister maintained a firm line in front of the cameras, insisting that there is a clear difference between illegal spying and legal intelligence gathering.

Switzerland and Russia

It is thought that these same two men were part of a group of four Russians expelled from the Netherlands in April For instance, the technical aspects of the collection of information format, time periods, etc. The Law obliges multinational groups fulfilling the respective legal criteria to provide country reports as from the financial year It further broadens reporting obligations under national transfer pricing rules for transactions between companies of multinational groups even in those cases where no full country report will be required or transmitted abroad.

switzerland and russia relationship

In total, 55 exchange relationships are activated with Russia for tax years starting on or after 1 January see all activated relationships with Russia here: Switzerland will start its first exchanges in September with 39 partner jurisdictions, including the EU member states.

Russia has made a commitment to start AEOI in and appears ready to do so.


Due to concerns in Parliament about data protection and security in Russia and certain of the 40 other new partner jurisdictions, the Swiss Parliament ratified an additional Federal Decision related to these exchanges. This Federal Decision instructs the Federal Council to prepare a report, prior to the first exchange of information with the new partner jurisdictions, on whether these countries fulfill the conditions for AEOI in terms of legal framework, due process, confidentiality and data security, and on whether the countries have concluded agreements on AEOI with other nations that compete economically with Switzerland.

The Federal Council must present this report to the competent parliamentary commission for information purposes. However, a country could still theoretically suspend AEOI with a partner jurisdiction later on if the latter breaches these standards in specific instances.

switzerland and russia relationship