Storm shadow and snake eyes relationship test

AICN TOYS with Special Guest Columnist Russ Sheath: Hot Toys Stormshadow and Snake Eyes!!

storm shadow and snake eyes relationship test

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it true that Snake eyes and Storm Shadow had absolutely no relationship in the original ARAH cartoon series?. Over time, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow became sword brothers, and Master , who liked pitting them against one another to test their considerable skills. Their relationship evolves to such an extent that during a mission. In his youth, Snake Eyes, along with Storm Shadow, was trained by the Arashikage Clan. Whether their relationship is on friendly or intimate terms is not disclosed, Snake Eyes had a test against Jinx in which he had to take a hair from her.

Unfortunately that's classified information as well as his birthplace. Snake Eyes is somewhat reminiscent of Wolverine; both are killers and both have hidden pasts. Eventually we found out Logan's backstory, but will we ever know the entire saga for Snake Eyes? Larry Hama is very proud of how popular the G.

storm shadow and snake eyes relationship test

Joe member is and he may never give away all of his secrets, but the one thing Hama has said is that Snake Eyes was based on an actual person Hama knew. The man in black is based on Sargent Bob Light, a tall thin man with blonde hair that was in the 1st Air Cavalry. Why did Hama chose Light? Does that mean Light was in real life a Commando ninja that never spoke?

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If so, we'd love to meet him! Naturally he would wear black so he could hide in the shadows. Since his name is classified and his identity is a secret, wearing a mask is the best way to prevent people from discovering who he is, but there's actually another reason for covering his face and wearing all black. As luck would have it, the Snake Eyes toy was extremely popular, and Hasbro didn't mind making more since it was cheaper to make than your average Joe figure.

Snake Eyes brought fear into the hearts of the members of Cobra. His reputation proceeded him and battling with Snake Eyes surely meant your doom.

Hasbro was excited that Snake Eyes was a hit and whenever there was marketing for G. Joe, it almost always made sure to include him. However, there was a small error that occurred when Hasbro was promoting Snake Eyes and it was oddly enough with his name. Was his name Snake Eyes or was it Snake-Eyes? Toys bearing the name Snake-Eyes were produced in,and Toys featuring the name Snake Eyes were made in, and How about the fact that he's armed with several guns as well as a ninja sword?

He's an intimidating man dressed in black but not entirely devoid of color. If you've noticed, you may have seen red markings on his shoulder that appear to be a series of horizontal rectangles. The top trigram means water, with the one below meaning fire. When presented together it translates to completion.

However, none really achieved the same popularity as Snake Eyes. He was silent and deadly and immediately people wanted to know more about the man. My gestation period for coming up with good ideas is sometimes longer than they give me.

AICN TOYS with Special Guest Columnist Russ Sheath: Hot Toys Stormshadow and Snake Eyes!!

Does that conflict with the designer in you that needs the time to stretch your design muscles and come up with work you are happy with? Certainly there are people who are more decisive laughs. Is there a particular project that for you which stands out for scrutiny from fans? I had never looked at a comic book yet here was somebody who was in something that looks like they were in a yellow and blue spandex suit.


I had to think about how that would work in real life or how it would look cool. Bryan initiated the idea of them wearing something protective. These are guys who can be killed and we ended up with what we ended up with which was a complete departure from anything they had worn in the comic book. I was a novice, it was hard. Superman Returns was difficult because of what the suit was going to be and how traditional it was going to be.

I felt like there were a lot of eyes watching that. I think that with the first X-Men movie especially, you told fans and film makers that you could depart from the established look of these characters, yet still retain the character. I think your work on that first X-Men film still resonates today. The irony is, of course, that your work influenced the look of the X-Men in the comics as they adopted those costumes.

I guess X-Men was at the beginning of all these super hero movies they have been making and it was a rethinking of the super hero costume which up until then had been Christopher Reeve and Batman. Batman really was the guy who wore armor for the first time, after then Batman type armored uniforms started looking familiar to us all. How did GI Joe Retaliation come about for you? When I think of people in your particular field of expertise, there are maybe a handful of people who I can think of and who come to mind, and your name is certainly one of them.

How do you pick and choose your projects? Its just been super fun. Back in college you expect that the kind of movies you are going to get will be like Sense and Sensibility and I never get offered those kind of things.

Would you like to do a period piece? When you are doing something that can be anything The Skies the limit.

storm shadow and snake eyes relationship test

What was the appeal of GI Joe: So, then I got to read the script and I thought that the Jinx character could be fun and pretty cool. I then went in and met Jon Chu who I loved, he was great. I would do whatever he wanted because I wanted to work with him. What are the challenges or benefits of coming into the second chapter of an already established franchise like GI Joe?

Well, there are only benefits. The first was whats Snake Eyes look going to be? Is he going to have lips, is it going to be black with lips, is it going to be a visor. The stress and struggle of trying to make those decisions, we benefitted from the successes and mistakes of the first movie.

There were some characters, like Storm Shadow, who was so good in the first one that I benefitted from that and everyone agreed that was one to keep. It basically was the same costume. Did Jon Chu have a specific direction for costuming the movie overall? Was there a design ethos for the movie from the outset? He was kind enough in our first meeting to let me present what I thought it should be. From the beginning Jon was so respectful, interested and willing happy with the direction that I was thinking of taking it, he just let me go.

I could go to him with these little nit picky questions because I knew he was interested enough to want to hear it. Somehow Jon could hear about it, listen, change and tweak and he had time for it all. Where did you being the the design process for those costumes? How could we keep the need for movement yet keep him protected and keeping it real.

It had to look like something he had put together rather than be magical which can look more childlike. We worked hard on the helmet, I think we must have illustrated 80 versions of the helmet. I think it was a stylistic decision and it was one of those bold moves that ended up not being pleasing. But, god love them for trying that, it was a bold move. That was basically where all the arguments came down to, which is a good point.

Was there any input from Ray Park into his costume? All those guys showed up and put their costumes on. You have the military theme and then you have ninjas - was it a particularly challenging project to work on overall? I have never worked or thought as hard. The helmets and Cobra Commander in general was tough as I know they were so unhappy with Cobra Commander in the first one. I will say that I have never had to concentrate and think as hard, with so many different elements and characters.

The X-Men all wore a uniform and version of each other, in Superman I certainly had a template that Bryan wanted to stick to. GI Joe had so many unique and specific characters that had no relationship to one another, part of making it good was making them not look like they had a version of the same outfit, but to make them distinct and unique.

In the latest X-Men movie, it was even more so. Lots of individual characters and their costumes no longer, necessarily have a relationship to each other any more, they are more individual. Having so many X-Men it was like two separate movies in one.

I had a great time and its sort of like running a marathon in that you do it and your exhausted but then when you talk about it you feel really good about it.