Shirou and archer relationship questions

shirou and archer relationship questions

What exactly was the relationship between Sakura and Rin? 4. . Archer is the future Shirou after he becomes the hero he wanted to be but it. Archer originated from a timeline similar to the Fate route however in this war and Shirou went with Rin to London in a non-romantic relationship he In EMIYA´s original timeline Rin still summoned EMIYA since the throne. He is the Card User of the second Archer Class Card of the Fifth Ainsworth Holy At that moment Shirou felt that a very important connection had been cut and As Illya questions Angelica about Miyu's whereabouts, he tells her that she is at.

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Ах ты, пакостник. - Не знаю, что ты такое подумала.

shirou and archer relationship questions

- Я рада, что поймала тебя, - продолжала .