Seras and alucard relationship quiz

seras and alucard relationship quiz

Hellsing + Iscariot + Millennium Alucard: You have him a massage on his back. Often, the Count falls asleep on his sofa, ending up with. As stated by Hirano the relationship between Seras and Alucard is complicated. Alucard takes on a role of a mentor and teacher to help Seras reach her full. It has been a long time since I had done a quiz. So I thought why not have fans answer this ULTIMATE HELLSING Quiz to see whether they are a big time fan or .

Secondly, it would not do to expose herself, as a vampire teaching at Hogwarts would cause a scandal, and while she didn't care, it would alienate Dumbledore, as well as other potential allies. And thirdly, Stoker knew that if she ate Umbridge, that Batrachian Bitch would be repeating on her for months. Even so, the will to resist the urge to feast on some Toad in the Hole was fading. You're saying that Defence Against the Dark Arts should be dumbed down, because there is nothing to fear, because the Ministry will save you, blah, blah, blah.

I mean, you are capable of following a logical argument, otherwise you wouldn't have gotten as high as you have in the Ministry…unless you've been exchanging favours, though why anyone would want to…exchange favours with you, I have no idea. Unless they have a thing for anthropomorphic toads. But what is there to stop other dark lords from rising? Voldemort is merely the latest man with an ego in inverse proportion to the size of his penis.

Grindlewald, Ekrizdis, Herpo the Foul…and these are just a small selection. Another dark lord will arise, a fact that is as solid as the floor of this room.

And even if one doesn't, there are still criminals of Magical Britain, not to mention vampires, and werewolves, and Dementors…if you think that robbing children of the education needed to become the next generation of Aurors is a good idea, then I want a hit of whatever you're smoking, because it must be pretty strong shit.

Muggle or not, she is your monarch, she is aware of your world, oh, and she also has Alucard on speed-dial. And Alucard has eaten more people like you than he can count.

And kindly keep your hand away from your wand. I heard what Alucard did to both your hand and your wand when you first met, and if you try to curse me, I will endeavour to emulate him. Oh, this was gonna be a treat… "First off, let's see how smart you guys are," Stoker said to the students, the Fifth Year Gryffindors and Slytherins, once they had gathered.

You, Mr Malfoy was it? What would you do? Don't get me wrong, it's a very useful charm to know, and I'll give five points to Slytherin for answering with that.

But unless you cast it on yourself well in advance, or else you have good reflexes and the ability to cast it in battle, the truth is that the spell you're defending yourself against may hit you before you can cast it. Making sure you have something between you and the spell?

That's what I was looking for, Mr Weasley. Ten points to Gryffindor. Now, you may think, what's the point of that when you have spells?

Well, even the Killing Curse, if it hits something solid rather than a magical barrier, will be dissipated. They call it an unblockable curse, but in truth, that only relates to magical barriers. Cover is a vital part of any kind of combat, especially if you're trying to defend yourself. But of course, running and hiding is not the be-all and end-all of combat by any means. You are not a teacher. After a moment, she said, "Now, before I was so rudely interrupted, I was going to go over the spells I was going to teach you.

Basic defensive spells like Stunners, Shield Charms, and so on. And you can also use other spells for similar purposes. A bird conjuring spell, for example, can distract an opponent for long enough for you to get a decisive hit. As the odious woman froze in her seat, Stoker smirked. Miss Umbridge is now currently vulnerable to attack. Also, let that be a warning to you.

Don't be insolent to me, and I won't humiliate you. Harry asked via their mental link. Yeah, but I'm going to see if she's trainable, like the dog she is.

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I mean, she isn't even a toad. Hey, there's a thought. Maybe I should bring Baskerville out to play. Won't Baskerville eat her? Harry asked, having been shown the eldritch hellhound once by Alucard, who was showing off his restraint release levels.

seras and alucard relationship quiz

So had Hermione, unfortunately. Not if I order him not to.

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He's a good little hellhound. Stoker, Hermione needed Dreamless Sleep potion for a few days after seeing you at Level 1, not to mention seeing Baskerville, and I'm sure her new Boggart is you at Level 1. You're here to teach these guys, not traumatise them. Meh, operant conditioning needs a little trauma to work. Now, let's teach these kids some real things… That night, Hellsing was called out to the outskirts of Birmingham. While Harry could have taken a Portkey back there to participate as a dhampir, he needed less and less sleepthey didn't want to rouse the annoyance of the Batrachian Bitch who'd be keeping an eye on Harry, and they were still making arrangements to bring him in on weekend huntsso, instead as Harry lay back, he watched through Alucard and Seras' eyes what happened.

Apparently a pair of vampires had slaughtered a bunch of devout Anglican families, daubing obscene messages on the wall. Alucard, ironically, was one of those the vampires were appealing to: Seras was going to use this as a field test of the 'third eye', the ability of a vampire to see for long distances and see through enchantments and illusions.

She had been practising for some time, and had finally gotten the hang of it, even as she lamented the fact that she seemed to be becoming less human. Harry had reassured her. As Alucard approached the door, he listened in to one of the vampires saying, "…cops can't do shit to us! We're invincible and immortal! Well, that's just begging for the universe to prove them otherwise, or at least you, Alucard, he sent to Alucard and Seras.

seras and alucard relationship quiz

Well, let's do the polite thing and let them know that the guest of honour has arrived, Alucard sent, before he began ringing the doorbell, repeatedly. Don't go anywhere, Jessica, I'll go and shut this twat up. They really don't know who they're dealing with, do they?

Get ready, Police Girl, one of them may do a runner, and even pathetic new vampires like these ones can run at speeds faster than most cars.

seras and alucard relationship quiz

Yeah, you can do it, Seras, Harry sent over. Suddenly, Alucard backed away from the door, before unleashing a fusillade of shots from the Casull through it. He then peered through a hole in the door, looking at the vampire currently sprawled against a wall, bleeding from wounds.

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He was in his twenties, wearing a beanie, and presumably Leif. I've always wanted to say that, Alucard added mentally. Leif raised a submachine gun and began firing at Alucard. Looks like he's more into giving than receiving, Harry observed. This is a much easier position for both of us. Don't you think, Kayla? If you relax it will be easier.

I took a breath and forced my body to relax, which was, somehow, not that hard to do considering my situation and whom I was with, as I felt Alucard's breath on my neck.

Then his fangs went through my skin and he began to drink. After the longest two minutes of my life he stopped and lifted his head from my neck. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He licked his lips and closed his eyes. He chuckled again at my innocent and slightly confused reply. I'd never heard him laugh before and it was good to hear that he actually could, even if it was slightly cold sounding. I find it all very interesting. I didn't know, but I wanted to find out and know what he thought of me.

Alucard leaned his head down and closed his eyes. He just smiled slightly while his eyes stayed closed. I was just hearing your heartbeat. There was a bang on the door and Seras called, "Master, Kayla! It's time to come out!

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Alucard looked at me once before, without dropping me, unlocked and opened the door. He walked out still carrying me so I whispered, "Alucard, you can put me down now.

The look he glanced down at me with told me that he hadn't forgotten and wouldn't put me down. Heat rise in my cheeks and, as he sat down in his chair keeping me on his lap, I heard Pip whisper "Poor kid, I wonder just what Alucard did to her in there. As Mira spun the bottle around Alucard leaned in close to my ear, once again, but this time out of privacy for whatever he was about to say.

We can get to know each other better there, and I may even change you if you'd like," he whispered and all I could do was nod because I now understood how he felt about me, but this would be a very complicated relationship for both of us, which made it all the more interesting to him. He wasn't one to back down from a fight or a challenge in this case, a challenge to keep a relationship between him, a creature of the night, and me, a creature of the day.

With that nod he stood, holding me close to his chest, and turned for the large wooden doors. She told me that she's tired," he lied smoothly over his shoulder as he began walking again.

Though both Alucard and I knew that Integra knew exactly what he was doing she simply said, "Aright then. Once we were in the old dungeon cell that had, as he told me, been his former room up until ten years ago he looked at me seriously.

If you say 'yes' there is no turning back. You will live in a world of darkness and have to sleep by day. You'll have to drink blood from humans. You will also have to sleep in a coffin and sometimes may loose control to your raw instincts.

You might hurt and kill people you care about. Are you sure you're prepared for that?