Noctis and stella relationship quiz

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noctis and stella relationship quiz

Browse through and take thousands of nocti quizzes. Includes: Noctis, Ignis, Gladio, Prompto, Ravus, Arydn, Cor, Nyx. Final Fantasy XV- Boyfriend Quiz. . Have fun. ;) You get to either be Sakura Haruno, or Princess Stella Nox Fluret. For Final Fantasy XV on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Noctis and Stella, How do you want their relationship to be. How would Noct's and Stella's strange powers come into play? What was the What was Regis' and Noctis' complicated father-son relationship? What was the.

She was lying there on the muddy grass planes just meters away from where he lay. Her white dress was dotted with dirt spurted in a soggy mess on her cotton laces. Noctis could only make out the back of her thin body lying on the rainy dank lifelessly. Whoever this girl was, he wanted to call out for help for both of them. But his voice could only croak, no energy existed within his larynx to produce a cry loud enough for others to hear him.

He wanted to help this girl… this strange girl who was just as helpless as he was under the drizzling water drops. Noctis had no idea who she could be or how they ended up here in the desolate fields together… it was as if his brain had been moistened into a saturated ocean under the soaking weather. When Noctis opened his eye the second time, it was day breaking from the morning sun that shined upon his eyes.

The sky was now an orange pink hue, as if blood from the sun was spilt and smeared all over the sky. The red sun was rising above from the ground as the pink light rays inked itself upon the endless green grassy field.

When the prince stood up, he could only see trees, rocks, plants and grass all around him. He also realized that the girl who lay near him in the rain last night had also disappeared. She had gone out of his notice, while he had fallen asleep in the wild plains.

He was all alone, isolated from any signs of civilization or infrastructure buildings. Noctis encircled around the wild lands beneath the early morning sunrise. He wanted to find anyone, anyone who could tell him where he was or why he ended up here. Noctis ran around the field, down the dirty muddy and rocky meadow through the tall forest trees and wild bushes. His tall father was standing there with his striped black suit and leather gloved hand outstretched towards him.

Once Noctis grabbed onto his father's hand, his father embraced him tightly in his arms in a fatherly embrace. Noctis held his tongue in dumbfounded silence for a long time… He didn't understand the connection of the words in his father's question.

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He couldn't quite connect the dots together at the directed inquiry. What do you mean…? What are you on about Noctis? Pull yourself together…" the king gently slapped Noctis on his cheek to wake him up for higher alert. The two of them stared at each other as if they were studying each other's faces for the first time.

Noctis was more than confused. He didn't know who this 'Stella' was. King Regis opened his mouth like a goldfish, thought for ten seconds in idiocy and then shut his mouth tight again. A sudden flash of epiphany twinkled in his eyes. The king sensed that Noctis wasn't in the mood for joking or being dishonest in a situation like this. His son wasn't immature enough to play games with him He knew that something bigger was at hand.

His son had either gone mental from a post-traumatic disorder or he had… amnesia… The king had no further words to say to his son. We'll discuss this later. Please get back in the car. Everybody's waiting for you. As they were walking back, the king realized that Noctis should be hospitalized and receive some serious counseling.

The king had taken his son to the Lucis National Hospital.

noctis and stella relationship quiz

His son needed professional medical help, not only from the nation's top doctors but also from its leading neuropsychologists. The memories that led up to the events seems to have been impaired, out of some sort of post traumatic disorder.

It is common for victims who went through a near-death experience to backfire cognitive side effects in the hippocampus. Victims often erase a remnant of their memoir that is most closely associated with the trauma. In other words, any object or person that triggers a distressful memory or event, is deliberately wiped out from the brain. You can say it is the brain's way of setting up a defense mechanism from psychic distress.

A young prince who had lost everything in is head; his education, his identity and his relationships. He is also very adept at recalling other logical information, such as basic academic problem solving methods and facts… luckily, his intelligence and other memory unrelated to the trauma seem to be unharmed…" the doctor informed the king as his shoulders relaxed from its tense uphold.

The pale face of the fear-stricken thirteen year old boy was shocked with chalk-white numbness in the well-lit hospital room. His dull eyes had lost all focus and attentive fixture. What parts are you having trouble with specifically?

Noctis stayed silent on his bed, pulling his white sheets closer to his chest to warm himself up. What did he mean by not remembering a whole block of the last few weeks since the Tenebraes arrived…?

Had the trauma shocked him so intensely as to eradicate all interconnected thoughts related with it…? Had he… erased Stella's existence entirely like a bulldozer from his mind? Was Noctis's amnesia even… natural…? But Noctis wasn't there.

noctis and stella relationship quiz

He looked to see him over talking to Iris, and Aranea still talking to Gladio. He sighed and waited, letting his shoulders slump. He was really hoping to at least have some bro time with Noctis this weekend, but he knew with Iris and Luna around, that'd be hard They needed to be out of the way.

What were you two doing down there, making snow angels? Can't make into something it's not. Mountains being all romantic and such.

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Nobody likes cold buns! The two then walked on, finally coming upon the back of the lodge. Prompto had noticed an axe holder with no axe, but didn't pay it much mind. The he saw a window, but it would take a little something to reach it. Luckily ye old metal tool cabinet was there. Prompto groaned and started pushing.

They moved together, getting the metal cabinet under the window in no time. Once they did, Prompto was the first one to invite himself on top. Course being as clumsy as he was, he started to flail back, Noctis reaching up to catch him, ending up grabbing a handful of Prompto buns.

It's 'bout time I had a shot at it. Little payback never hurt anyone. Noctis made a face. I don't have enough to use the flashlight I should have a can of deodorant around here somewhere You use that and the lighter Deodorant l don't- Oooh! Flamethrower, and bye-bye frozen lock! Hey, there's something I gotta go take care of.

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You up for running around in the dark alone? But I'll do it. With much of nothing there, he made his way through the dark lodge It seemed like there wasn't any power in the place at all. Not through the leading in at least. As he the door he was to go through, it was open a bit. As he reached out for the knob- "What the hell!? He swallowed, hesitantly reaching out for the doorknob again. He quickly jerked it open seeing nothing but the big empty dark lodge. Just a breeze or something. He crept inside, only light the moon and the lighter Noctis gave him.

He stopped taking in the sight of the empty lodge It'd been so long since he'd been inside Last time he was here He'd passed out drunk with Noctis. That night so many things were said and mistakes were made. He shook his head trying not to focus on the past. Just happy Noct was drunk enough to forget alot of it.