Gerrard and torres relationship

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gerrard and torres relationship

In the following campaign, the /09 season, Gerrard and Torres came The connection was still there for all to see; Torres twice flicked the. Steven Gerrard celebrates with Fernando Torres after his early goal against His relationship with the Liverpool fans became strained but he. Of course, Gerrard and Torres had a fantastic relationship during their playing days at Liverpool as they very nearly helped the club win their.

InFernando Torres finally spilt the beans: With one change too many, Torres sought a change of his own. Cue a January transfer window of anxiousness amongst fans as Torres got his wish. Just as easy as it appeared to be despite Liverpool playing semi-hard to get, Fernando Torres moved from the red of Merseyside to experience the blue London. Andy Carroll was acquired via a club-record transfer fee, the transfer window shut, and Torres was Judas.

A happier ending than expected was achieved, however.

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Now, with hard feelings swept under the rug for most, there is nothing else to be done other than to reminisce. Yet to this day, both he and Gerrard have not stopped talking about the memories of playing with each other.

gerrard and torres relationship

Despite a somewhat bitter end to the Gerrard-Torres partnership, to say that it left much to be desired would be to dismiss one of the greatest Premier League duos of all time. Liverpool, the Premier League and football fans alike may or may not ever witness the brilliance being portrayed by two individuals who possessed a near-telepathic connection between each other ever again.

Gerrard himself scored from the spot and registered another assist, this time for Peter Crouch, on the way to a victory. Together, the pair dragged Liverpool through a tricky group stage. All too regularly it would fall to the duo to deliver results on their own but more often than not they would combine to do just that.

Amongst his array of talents, Gerrard was a consummate goal-scorer in his prime.

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This is reflected in the numbers from their debut season together where the two combined to score a remarkable 54 times; enough to earn a fourth-place finish in the league as well as an eventual run to the Champions League semi-finals. Ultimately, this was an era in which Liverpool were destined to continually fall just short of glory. It was cruel that injuries restricted the number of games the pair could play together.

In total, the two of them featured in the same starting line-up just 12 times. In a season where the title slipped away as a result of too many frustrating draws, the trophy would surely have found its way to Anfield had the duo been able to play together on even a few more occasions.

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As it is, there is no silverware to commemorate the time Gerrard and Torres shared at Liverpool. An ownership dispute that ultimately had to be settled in court sent the club into a chaotic spiral.

One goal in particular that is embedded in the minds of supporters came against Everton. It was Gerrard who scored it, charging on to the end of a delightfully improvised flick from Torres to fire past the keeper at his near post. This epitomised the telepathy between the pair. Each knew where the other was going and they were both blessed with the ability to pick the pass.

The tale of Gerrard and Torres cannot be told without reference to the sudden and acrimonious split of January ; wen murmurings in the background exploded into harsh reality on deadline day as Torres completed a much-maligned move to Chelsea. That the switch was to a team which he had repeatedly helped put to the sword was particularly painful. Nonetheless, the majority of Reds fans have now made their peace with Torres.

Much as it was too painful to admit at the time, nobody could be blamed for wanting to leave the club in that period.

The circumstances surrounding the move were far from ideal, and certainly left a sour taste, but such things are sometimes unavoidable.

gerrard and torres relationship

It would be a shame to erase from the history books the sheer joy of the partnership that he struck up with Steven Gerrard; taking one of the greatest midfielders in living memory and enabling him to reach new levels.