Clary and simon relationship problems

Shadowhunters season 2B promo: Clary chooses between Jace and Simon |

clary and simon relationship problems

When Clary had Simon call security, no one else, not even Simon, saw the to pursue a relationship due to their other friendships, particularly with Simon . more children like Jonathan, which again Jocelyn had trouble coming to terms with. 15 Moments That Defined Jace And Simon's Relationship This Season Technically Simon called Clary's phone but he was hoping that Jace would answer it!. Shadowhunters season 2B promo: Clary chooses between Jace and Simon The problem, however, is Clary's relationship with Simon.

I quicken my pace and I see they do the same, soon I'm sprinting away, but the shopping bags weigh me down, I drop them, but now the stranger is right behind me. He grabs my arms and drags me to the back of an alleyway, I start screaming, but the stranger who is a man grabs a piece of fabric from his pocket and gags me. I start struggling, and kicking and punching him but he grabs my arms and pins me to the wall, leaning on me so I can't escape.

I bring my knee up and hit him where it hurts most, he lets go of me and I run towards the entrance of the alley but I don't make it far before he's tackled me down on the ground. He leans his head forward and whispers in my ear "You're going to regret that girly", I shudder as his hot breath hits my ears.

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He drags me back down to the bottom of the alleyway and smirks evilly at me, I see something in his eyes, and recognise it as lust. I scream suddenly all doubts of what this is go out the window "He's going to rape me!

I start screaming with new found courage through gag.

clary and simon relationship problems

He backhands me, my cheek stinging painfully and my eyes start to water, I struggle and try my hardest to get free, but the bulk on the man prevents me from moving more than a centimetre. I start sobbing as the man puts both my wrist in his hand, and runs his now free hand down my body.

My whole body racks with sobs as I shake my head violently, trying to get him to stop.

clary and simon relationship problems

My heart stops as I hear the sound of a jeans zipper being undone, and I know it's too late. I lean against the wall and slowly slide down it, and start wailing as I place my head on my knees, my body convulsing with sobs. After I calm down, I pick up my phone and call Simon, he picks up on the 2nd ring.

I'll tell you what happened there" I hear my voice crack at the end of the sentence.

clary and simon relationship problems

I end the call and start walking to Simons which was only ten minutes' walk away. I start up the steps but before I can knock Simon slams the door open and embraces me in a tight hug before leading me to his bedroom to talk.

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When we get there he takes in my appearance and I see his face change to confusion to anger to utter horror. That was it for me; I started crying hysterically into Simon's shirt as he rubbed my back and made soothing noises.

V I take a deep breath and try and collect myself, because today is the day I'm gonna do it. To Clary, it seemed like Jace enjoyed fighting with her.

clary and simon relationship problems

The thought stopped her next comment from exiting her mouth. Jace did love to fight, who was to say that he didn't enjoy a verbal battle as much as a physical one? Clary decided to test her theory. It's all about Simon. No use arguing about it anymore. I refuse to leave New York because, secretly, I never got over Simon.

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Apparently he had, because his eyes narrowed and took on a mischievous gleam. He continued until he came to the sensitive skin behind her ear. He whispered, his breath tickling her skin and sending more waves of pleasure through her body, "still thinking of Simon? Clary felt her knees go weak, but managed to mutter, "Yep, all Simon. However, I'm never one to back down from a challenge, and this, dear Clary, is definitely a challenge.

He was teasing at first, light quick kisses that quickly developed into something deeper.

clary and simon relationship problems

She sighed and he took the opportunity to dart his tongue in to taste her more fully. She found herself taking a step backwards until she felt her back touch the wall behind her. Jace continued the assault on her mouth and his hands snaked under her shirt to rub his hands against the small of her back. He pulled her harder against him and all coherent thought left her.

Clary raised her arms and tangled her hands in Jace's golden hair, pulling his mouth even closer to her own. When Jace finally pulled back, his face looked slightly flushed.