Boris becker and barbara feltus relationship

Here is how Boris Becker wasted his million dollars net worth

boris becker and barbara feltus relationship

In the autumn of Becker met Barbara Feltus, a model and play and their marriage started crumbling, Boris and Barbara still put on a. In the early s, he divorced with model wife Barbara Feltus, who was angry with Boris because he was having a relationship with the. The Ex-Wife and the Mystery Woman: Boris Becker celebrated his 40th birthday last night in The list began with Barbara Feltus, who had two children during their eight-year marriage. But the relationship was shortlived.

Becker turns back in his seat. Someone jokes that a man is better off getting a prostitute. As the ferry chugs alongside Fisher Island, Becker stares at the thick, green lawns.

boris becker and barbara feltus relationship

Not just because of his popularity, which reached astounding levels before he retired in And not just because of his success, though he made huge amounts of money and won plenty of tournaments. In fact, it's easy to discount Becker's stature as one of the game's historic figures: Still, at a time when professional tennis seems to be swimming in a shallow pool, it's clear that the sport misses Becker for reasons beyond gate appeal.

Sex has become tennis's driving force: Becker flew above all that. In he arrived at his first Wimbledon at the age of 16 and, after tearing ankle ligaments in his third-round match against Bill Scanlon, insisted on hobbling over to shake his opponent's hand before being carried off on a stretcher. The next year he became the youngest man to win at the All England Club, hurling his massive body at the ball, shouldering past veteran Kevin Curren in the final as if Curren had no right to step on the same grass.

A few weeks later, as his fame mushroomed andGerman youngsters flocked to play tennis, the new teen idol told Time magazine that the blind worship he saw in his fans' eyes had him worried. For the first time, Becker said, he understood how Hitler had happened.

boris becker and barbara feltus relationship

This, of course, was a dangerous thing for an athlete to say. Becker risked alienating his public just as it was starting to love him, but he didn't care. He wanted to engage the world beyond tennis. That's what made human beings around the world identify with him. Off it, he provided a counterpoint to the bombastic Germans seen in one war movie after another. He was a philosopher king in shorts, complaining when British newspapers headlined any of his wins as a blitzkrieg and musing, after losing his Wimbledon crown at 19, 'I didn't lose a war.

He had charm, an outsized ego and, at times, real guts. Inignoring his nation's euphoria over reunification, Becker refused to serve as ambassador for Berlin's bid to host the Olympics, saying he feared a triumphant Germany might stir its citizens' old fantasies about a master race. Of his generation he was the only one.

boris becker and barbara feltus relationship

Yes, his parents had met in a displaced persons' camp after the war, but he was a child of privilege who could never embody his causes. Ivan Lendl dubbed Becker 'the limousine radical', and it was true. Becker had strong opinions but no struggle. Then he fell in love. In the autumn of Becker met Barbara Feltus, a model and aspiring actress, the daughter of an African-American serviceman and a white German woman. By that time Becker, at 23, had achieved all a tennis player could ask for: She was the complete opposite of how I was.

Just before he and Barbara ventured downstairs and danced together for all to see, he stood in a hotel room and told her, 'Tomorrow your life will be completely different - for the rest of your life. Death threats poured in. People shouted at tournaments that Barbara was a gold-digger, a 'black witch'.

Becker, Germany's most famous man, adored for his so-called Germanic blond looks and furious game, had betrayed something deep.

Former Tennis Player Boris Becker Separates from Wife of 9 Years |

One headline wailed, 'Why, Boris? Why not one of us? Fifteen months later he secreted a diamond ring in her whisky sour and proposed.

They shocked Germans by posing nude for a photo on the cover of the weekly magazine Stern. Becker threatened to leave Germany if the racist rants didn't stop. After they married in and Noah was born and their devotion showed no sign of abating, a sea change occurred.

By the mids, says Becker, he and Barbara were 'a symbol of the new Germany'. When he spoke out, he had all the authority he could handle. Because they look a little different, they get treated differently, so it's credible if I talk about it now. Many people lived their dreams through Boris and Barbara. That's probably why we're divorced today.

We started to play roles to please everyone. On 9 Novemberthe 62nd anniversary of Kristallnacht, Becker marched withothers through the streets of Berlin to protest against Germany's rising tide of racist violence.

He was the very picture of a serious man. Only one month later, he was an object of ridicule around the world. Becker had no one to blame but himself. Boris and Barbara agree this didn't cause their split, but it didn't help that Barbara first learned of the baby when she took a call at home last August from the Russian woman herself. On 23 November, Becker told his wife he wanted a separation, touching off a hurricane of marital nastiness.

Charges and countercharges flew. Out spilled one revelation after another. In early December, the press linked Becker with a German rap star named Sabrina Setlur after they were seen checking into the same Black Forest hotel at which Boris and Barbara had honeymooned in On 12 January, the Russian waitress-model, Angela Ermakova, went public, claiming that she and Becker had had sex in a broom cupboard at London's Nobu restaurant on the last night of June Becker called Ermakova's story 'false,' and - though he never elaborated - a flurry of reports appeared saying Becker planned to claim the two had engaged only in oral sex and that Ermakova had transferred his semen to her womb as part of a blackmail scheme.

Russian mafia tried to steal my sperm. By contrast, he told Der Spiegel, 'I took the job of father earnestly. Becker and Setlur have since broken up. He has been deceitful but feels deceived. He admits affairs but insists that marriage should be bigger than infidelity, that it was his and Barbara's diverging priorities that led to the split. There was too much party. She wanted to become a singer, and I'd say, "We shouldn't forget family. I spent too much time away.

But I was trying to make her aware that it's only the four of us. We're the boat, and we shouldn't rock the boat.

Boris Becker: 'The media had a field day, but I gained a wonderful daughter'

Boris, meanwhile, is sure Barbara had plotted to leave him for months. I have more respect for her now than I had before.

On 4 January he took the stand in a pre-trial hearing and answered two hours of questions while Burstyn made him look like a cad for a live TV audience in Germany. That night, Becker went back to Fisher Island and, he says, told Barbara, '[If we go to trial], it's your turn.

And not for two hours: Either way, Becker lost. It's very, very weird. I have made a lot of mistakes, some I will regret for the rest of my life, but I would never do anything to purposely hurt my family. This woman had my heart. For her to do something like she did showed a side of her I didn't know. I'm basically scared of the woman.

Boris Becker divorced from his second wife!

Becker takes his position before them, and the photographer starts snapping, belting out commands to the assistants who stand behind each mirror, adjusting. As a player, he assumed regal prerogatives, took massages during bathroom breaks, prepared to receive serve only when he was good and ready. He likes Wimbledon, isn't bothered by locals in his everyday life, or approached for autographs or selfies, or asked to do tennis coaching at his five-year-old son Amadeus' school.

The school hasn't asked me to do any tennis coaching, but I've heard that a ticket or two for the Wimbledon tournament this year would be very welcome," he jokes. He shares his home with his second wife, Dutch model Lilly Kerssenberg "I call her my last wife. I'm not going to marry again," he says drollyand their son Amadeus, but also lives only half an hour away from his year-old daughter, Anna, born following the infamous "broom cupboard" tryst at London restaurant Nobu inwith Anna's Russian mother, Angela Ermakova.

The scandal made tabloid fodder of Becker, as revelations of a paternity suit against him, DNA tests and his subsequent divorce from first wife Barbara hit the headlines. It hastened the end of my marriage to Barbara," he writes.

It left Anna's mother and me having to set about being parents without any relationship of our own to fall back on. I don't see Anna as much as I'd like, but her mother and I are working on becoming a normal separated family, which hasn't been easy considering our starting point. Having reached six finals in seven years at Wimbledon, by - when he lost to fellow German Michael Stich - he was yearning for some sort of private life beyond tennis.

Two months later, he met model Barbara Feltus, whom he married inand they had two sons together, Noah and Elias. He announced his retirement after his last Wimbledon singles in - which is when his private life imploded - and admits it took him a while to find himself afterwards.

Boris Becker reveals his wife beat him over affair

It affects your confidence and self-belief. It took me a couple of years to redefine myself. It's about finding a new role that satisfies you as much. The Serbian's victory in last year's singles final was the most glorious moment for Becker since winning the title himself three decades ago.

I had to pinch myself. It was the icing on the cake. I recall being in the locker room before the match and on one side, you had Novak, and me and on the other, you had Roger Federer and Stefan Edberg, who played Becker in three successive Wimbledon finals and is now Federer's trainer.