Ask hiro and baymax relationship

ask hiro and baymax relationship

Hiro commanded Baymax to kill Professor Callaghan in revenge for his the Hamada brothers' relationship is so well-established in such a short amount of. Things take a turn when he begins to target the Big Hero 6 and Hiro is forced to Mostly about Hiro and Gogo and how they develop their relationship from . her for so long Hiro is finally going to try and gain up the courage to ask Gogo out. Read Girlfriend/Boyfriend Before from the story Big Hero 6 • Ask the Heroes 2 • by stareoul () with reads. gogotomago, hirohamada, questions. Shout out t.

He may have gotten over his brother's death, but the pain was still there. And this day that he passed, it seemed to hit him the hardest. He couldn't believe it had been a year since then.

Time was going by way too fast. He also didn't think he would be so sad and yet he was. Carrie being here really did catch him by surprise. A part of him was glad she came while another wished she didn't.

ask hiro and baymax relationship

He didn't want to burden her with his depression. Besides, she still had her older sister and her parents. He hated to admit it, but this made him a little jealous of her. In a situation like this, she would probably be the last person he wanted to be here. I may not have known him like you but…" Carrie began before Hiro cut her off, "Carrie, no offense, I can see you're trying to help me, but it would be better if you didn't.

You're right that you didn't know him.

ask hiro and baymax relationship

But getting over his death isn't easy for me. That you understand how I feel? That if it was you and your own sister died, you would be depressed but learn to not be any more in record time?

All she did was come over to see how he was doing just like a good girlfriend and here he was giving her a hard time. Carrie was silent from his angry rant. Seeing as she wasn't going to respond, he kept going, "Carrie, you have no idea how lucky you are. I have seen how you and Lilly get along. It reminds me of how Tadashi and I were. And you still have your parents.

Mine died when I was three. I may have been young, but there are times I still think about them. Aunt Cass is really the only family I have left.

I'm sorry if I'm not at my best today but I have every right to be angry and sad about this. He looked back and he saw Carrie was looking at him not out of pity or even anger from his harsh word but her own sadness, "I didn't come here to say I understand. I will never understand what you had to go through. I will never know Tadashi. His death is still hard on you and I would be surprised if you managed to get over it so quickly. I do feel lucky that I still have Lilly and my parents.

That's why I feel no matter what I say, it will never be enough for you. But the main reason I came here is because I was worried about you and that I just wanted to comfort you in your time of need.

Most people would say they understand his grief when they never will. Carrie was really the only one to ever say she will just try to comfort him. At this point, he really had no idea what to say or even do. He looked back at Tadashi's empty bedroom before he shifted his gaze at the floor. If you need someone to talk to, I'm there.

If you want me to leave, that's fine too. We all handle our grief differently. At this point, it seems you don't want me here. I'll leave you alone. He's been through enough already. She turned to walk back down the stairs when she heard a faint, "Wait…" before she could turn around, she heard shuffling and then a pair of slim arms wrapped tightly around her torso, "Don't go, please.

He may have wanted to not burden her with his grief at first. But her words earlier made him realize how stupid he was being.

He hugged her tightly while trying to keep from crying. He didn't know why it almost scared him to see her go. It wasn't like she was going anywhere. He felt her move and at first, he was scared that she was uncomfortable in his grip. He loosened his arms, but she merely turned to smile sadly at him, "I won't go if you don't want me to. Hiro smiled back before hugging her again. Carrie did the same and she whispered, "If it's not too much for you, can you please tell me what he was like?

He wasn't sure if talking about Tadashi will help him. But he can imagine his brother scolding him for not even mentioning him to his own girlfriend. Besides, this is the day he passed away. Maybe this will be in a way of honoring him instead of just visiting his grave. Let me just get dressed first.

I will go downstairs to give you some privacy. She looked back to give him a smile, "Of course. I want to personally say hi to Tadashi anyway.

Once he was dressed, he and Carrie sat on his bed before he began to talk about from the very beginning about his older brother.

To his surprise, talking about Tadashi wasn't as hard as he thought originally. All the happy memories he shared and even the toughest times seem to make him feel that his brother was still here. Carrie never said a word and only listened. She found the stories about Tadashi fascinating. She was glad to know he was always there for Hiro no matter what. It also turns out that the poor boy was bullied as well due to his genius IQ. Tadashi did everything he could to protect him just like Lilly did for Carrie.

She laughed at the story of how Hiro and Tadashi ended up getting arrested because Hiro was out bot fighting. You should have seen the look he gave me while we were stuck in our cells. If looks could kill, he would have.

What you did was reckless…and illegal. Betting on a bot fight, that's illegal. Besides, I don't even do that anymore. Anyway, you said your brother is the reason you got into SFIT? I thought at first going to college was just another place they will teach me everything I know. But I was wrong. Tadashi introduced me to his friends, which they later become mine and yours. And I saw how sick the place was.

That's also where I met Baymax. After Professor Granville showed me the campus, I wanted to go there myself. I'm so glad I did. Before Professor Granville came, there was another teacher there.

Carrie noticed, and a frown appeared on her face, "I take it this is where Tadashi…" "Yeah. He's supposed to be a genius at robotics. But I saw on the news that he was arrested for the destruction of Krei Tech Industries and the attempted murder of it's founder Alster Krei.

And what does he have to do with Tadashi's death? He took this moment to think it over. The events happened almost a year ago and yet it was like he was almost reliving it once more. Carrie noticed, and she frowned, "Um, if you want to stop here, we can. I can talk about it.

You see, Krei made a portal that was supposed to teleport anyone to another part of the world.

ask hiro and baymax relationship

However, it was unstable. He had a pilot by the name of Abigail Callaghan go inside to test it. She was Callaghan's daughter and only family. Like me, Callaghan lost his only family and set on revenge on the one man who started it. It blinded him that he went out of his way to even do away with anyone who dared crossed his path. That would include me and the others. Callaghan stole my microbots and started a fire at the showcase building to make himself disappear.

Tadashi and I didn't know that, and my brother went in to save Callaghan. The fire was so much that the building exploded. It killed my brother and at the time I thought it killed Callaghan too. It was stupid I know but it was something Tadashi would do. I was always told he was a good man. It still makes me angry that my brother died for nothing. Baymax and the others managed to teach me that revenge would never solve anything otherwise I would have been just like Callaghan. I didn't think I would ever tell you this but…I almost killed Callaghan.

I wanted revenge on the man who killed my brother as well. I made the team Big Hero 6 only to find the one who took one of the most important people away from me. After I discovered it was Callaghan and saw how he didn't seem to care that Tadashi wanted to save him, I went into rage.

He ended up losing his life over it and Callaghan didn't even care! Do you know how that made me feel? I was so angry that I yelled at them for stopping Baymax. I realized what a mistake I almost made. Revenge wouldn't have brought back Tadashi. Besides, my brother's dream was to help people. That's why he created Baymax.

Knowing that, the others and I went to finally take down Callaghan. We managed to outmaneuver him and take out the microbots. In doing so, Baymax and I went into the portal to save Abigail once Baymax saw she was still inside the portal. Abigail and I got out, but Baymax didn't. But Baymax is…" "Here yes, but his original body was destroyed inside the portal because I didn't see debris heading for us.

It damaged Baymax's armor that he couldn't use his rocket boots. He managed to convince me to leave him in the portal. It was the hardest decision I ever had to make.

And it felt like I was losing my brother all over again. To be honest, him ranting out about this story must be really hard on him, "Go on…" "Abigail and I made it back and Callaghan was arrested for what he did.

I learned that no matter what, Tadashi will always be with me. I don't know how, but Baymax managed to put his healthcare chip within the rocket arm he had on and I used to recreate him. It was great to have him back and we assembled the Big Hero 6 again to fight crime in my brother's honor. To be honest, I didn't think I ever would share this story with anyone. And I was hesitant to even tell you about this in the first place. I almost killed a man in cold blood.

If it hadn't been for Baymax, I would have been no better off.

There are times I still think that I am nothing like Tadashi because I know he would have forgiven Callaghan. Me, I still don't, and I still am angry at what he did. Maybe I am a monster…" "Hiro, you're not a monster. And to be honest, what you did was really to be expected. Tadashi's death may have been in vain but honestly, he would understand why you are still angry at Callaghan," Hiro looked up to see Carrie frowning at him, "What he did was wrong.

Revenge is never the answer. You managed to get through it and see Callaghan was brought to justice. You even risked your life to save his daughter even though you could have easily just have left her in there. You have a good heart, Hiro, just like your brother did.

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Hiro, I can't tell you how happy I am to have you in my life. You know I was bullied a lot, even by my own cousin. I have trust issues and it took me some time to warm up to you.

But you showed that you truly do care about me. You and the others are the first real friends I have had outside my older sister. I have always wanted real friends who won't treat me any differently because of my strange ability to control water or my genius IQ. You didn't care about that and treated me like a true friend. And I am also thankful for Tadashi because he convinced you to go that school as well.

If it wasn't for him, I might not have met you at all. You may not think you're a good person, but you are. And I am thankful to have you in my life. Hiro felt his cheeks flush at both her kiss and words. He never thought of it that way. He was grateful to have Carrie in his life as well. She certainly brightened up his days whenever anyone else couldn't. And thanks for having me talk this out. It felt good to get it off my chest.

Plus, I thought talking about Tadashi would make me feel worse. But honestly, it was like he was still here. And I am glad to hear. Are you coming down? Your friends are here and we're going to be heading to the cemetery! After having the robot inflate out of his luggage, the trio headed downstairs.

They looked anxious before Hiro reassured them all that he was fine. He held Carrie's hand all the way to the cemetery of where Tadashi laid.

No one said a word. They all stood there just thinking of the great memories Tadashi shared with them all. Carrie at first thought she was going to be the only awkward one there since she never knew the young man personally.

However, having Hiro hold her hand made her feel like she had always been a part of this group. After about twenty minutes, everyone but Hiro and Carrie started to leave. Aunt Cass questioned if they were going to be coming, but Hiro declined that he wanted him and Carrie to stay there for a little longer. He said Baymax can accompany Aunt Cass back home.

What Hiro wanted to do will be a little more personal. He let go of Carrie's hand to kneel down before the gravestone that read: Sorry if I hadn't visited you in well a year. But I've a very good excuse for that.

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You probably won't think I'm telling the truth but whatever. Anyway, there's someone I want you to meet. You always kept teasing me that I was probably never going to get a girlfriend. Her name is Carrie and she's really the most amazing girlfriend I could ever ask for. Normally in any other situation, this scenario would be a little embarrassing.

ask hiro and baymax relationship

However, she didn't mind since this is the day Tadashi passed and besides, she felt this was going to be the closest she will ever get to meeting this once great man, "Hi Tadashi, I'm Caroline Francess, but I prefer Carrie.

It's nice to meet you.

ask hiro and baymax relationship

I want to thank you so much for getting your brother into SFIT. If it wasn't for you, I think I would still be lonely at the school. Your brother is sweet, and you should be proud of him. He's making you proud and I feel lucky to be with him. For the next few minutes, the two stood there by the grave talking to it before the sun was starting to set.

It was time to head home. Just the idea of Baymax: Tadashi built a robot. Not as a weapon, or as a soldier, or even as some sort of mindless servant. Instead, he built a robot designed to care for people and is physically incapable of harming others, even on accident due to Baymax's inflatable, and incredibly soft, composition. And also manages to be so incredibly non-threatening in appearance that he can't even scare people on accident Which is important for someone who may be helping the elderly or those with a weak heart.

Tadashi succeeded in building a robot that is perfectly designed for its purpose Indeed, he build Baymax so well that even Baymax realizes how important his appearance is, among other things. Baymax is generally implied to not have true AI Further heartwarming comes from the fact that this might well have stopped Hiro from becoming a villain in his darkest moment.

Callaghan learns that his daughter is alive near the end of the movie. It becomes a Tear Jerker when he realizes he probably won't see her for a long, long time. When Baymax is returned from a killing machine back to his original state, the first thing he does is apologize to everyone for any harm he may have done and express regret at violating his health code.

Sure, it's his programming because he's designed to be kind-hearted and caring, but it still counts. Honey Lemon hugging Heathcliff. If you look closely, Heathcliff gives her a brief smile—one of the rare times his Comically Serious exterior cracks. Fred after lamenting the distance between him and his busy father, discovers his father's secret superhero lair. The man himself walks in and reveals that they're not so different in more ways than one, reciting Fred's gross underwear rhyme - and you can hear the joy and pride in every word.

And then they happily hug each other. Also counts as a Tear Jerker: After the heroes have saved the day near the end, there's a gap where Baymax would have been standingalmost like a missing man formation. While Hiro made upgrades and gave everyone else new abilities, he didn't make anything for himself except a suit. This could be either because he trusts Baymax to protect and fight for him or that there wasn't enough time to upgrade both of them and he decided to devote his time on Baymax.

Not a specific moment, but compare Baymax's first hug for Hiro to the last two times he hugs him. The first time, his eyes are wide open and staring ahead.

The last times, both before sending Hiro and Abigail out of the void and when he's rebuilt and reunited with Hiro, his eyes close. Just like a human being does when they are fully, emotionally-invested in the hug. It's subtle, but still heartwarming and a great sign of his Character Development.

Tadashi helping Hiro by grabbing his ankles and flinging him around, so he can "look at a different angle". Plus, it's also a cute moment of sibling love. Look even closer, Hiro is letting his body dangle. What does this mean? He trusts that Tadashi won't let him fall. Hiro and Tadashi's relationship with their Aunt Cass. She took them in, even though she never had any experience with raising kids.

And even though it's not shown in a lot, Cass is a kind, motherly, and eternally supportive figure in the lives of her nephews. The scenes of the gang hanging out with Hiro, as he prepare his microbots. Too bad, Hiro had to throw him. The picture on the page of Hiro hugging Baymax after successfully rebuilding him.

The entire hug is adorable, especially the way Hiro snuggles his head into Baymax's chest. When Hiro and Baymax go to save Abigail from the hyperspace Baymax says that flying makes him a better healthcare companion. Initially Hiro upgraded Baymax so he could get answers and revenge on Yokai.