Tvd 6x03 elena and stefan first meet

The Vampire Diaries 6x03 "Welcome to Paradise" Review

tvd 6x03 elena and stefan first meet

first time elena saying i love you to stefan. Vampire Diaries The . Stelena ( Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert) The vampire diaries Katherine meeting Stephan for the first time. Śîÿã I love that Bonnie saves Damon in 6xbut in 6x "The Vampire Diaries" - Caroline (Candice Accola) and Stefan (Paul Wesley)" . If they would just kiss they just might discover how they actually feel and they could stop being "I would be okay with them together Klaus is still my first choice for her though" . "#TVD 6x03 "Welcome to Paradise" - Caroline and Stefan". We kiss Damon Salvatore, Damon And Elena Kiss, Damon And Bonnie, Caroline Forbes Delena - The Vampire Diaries when Elena first become a vampire.

Jeremy looks deeply at the bourbon as he speaks: Two brothers, one moved, the other He takes a swig of the bourbon from the bottle. Liv and Luke are walking down the crowded corridors of Whitmore, Tyler runs up. We're having a party today, you think you could spare a keg or two from scull bar?

Liv smacks her lip: You and alcohol and my brother.

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  • The Vampire Diaries 6×03 “Welcome to Paradise” Review

Why does that combination sound so familiar and terrible? She turns to her brother. How is your trachea Luke? In fairness, he apologized. I'm working on this, okay? I watch my drinking, I avoid things that make me angry. Come by the bar after 1, I'll see what I can do.

Tyler walks away with a smile. You're doing that thing again. Oh the thing where you're a bitch because you like somebody. It's pretty transparent, I don't blame you, he's hot. Luke walks off, leaving Liv smiling. When Liv walks off, Liam is walking and Elena appears beside him. Did you just call me 'cute brag'? Hey, I didn't come up with it.

Another one of the volunteers did. Liam shakes his head. At least it has cute in it. I'm Liam, you're Elena. See how easy it is to remember? Liam stops walking and stands in front of her. Is there something you wanted other than to destroy my self-esteem? Are you doing anything this afternoon? My friends are throwing a party just outside my hometown, and there's a girl that I actually want you to meet.

He walks off, and Elena's smile fades when she sees that Stefan is standing there, he's smiling.

tvd 6x03 elena and stefan first meet

Elena, surprised, caught off guard: She hugs him and then pulls away. Wha--for the record, four months is far too long for me to go without seeing you. That's why I'm here. I wanted to stop by and say hi. Damon is leaning against a cart and Bonnie is beside him, they are strolling through the aisles of an deserted store, Bonnie and Damon are fighting over the cart handle.

I got it - Damon said stubbornly. She picks up a small piece of paper. Eggs, milk and--ooh candles. She picks up one and sets it in the cart, Damon looks at her for a second. I know it's been awhile, but you couldn't do magic as an anchor, so I'm curious what momentary lapse reason makes you think you can do it now?

They turn the corner to another aisle. You know, when all this started, you sucked at making pancakes but now they're somewhat edible.

tvd 6x03 elena and stefan first meet

Damon stops the cart, opens one of the many fridges and takes out a big carton of milk, he sets that in the cart. There's no reason to be Peter Pessimist. She heads over to a rack of glasses and sets blue shades on her face with the tag dangling. We have proof we're not alone. Don't nickname, that's my thing-- He points to himself and strolls over to Bonnie with the cart, he snatches another pair of glasses from her --And this proof Damon sets the blue glasses on his face, so now they both are wearing it.

Bonnie leans on the cart. You don't know you filled it in. You also don't know that you talk in your sleep. Bonnie opens the fridge beside them and grabs the eggs: What are you saying? Are you saying I sleep crossword? Damon takes the glasses off. I'm saying it makes more sense than the alternative. He snatches the eggs and slams them in the cart, Bonnie takes off her glasses. I get what you're doing.

What am I doing? You refuse to have hope that you'll see Elena again so you don't have to be disappointed. They turn the corner again. Damon, in a slightly loud voice: I refuse to have hope because there's nothing to hope for. Bonnie stops suddenly, pausing: Damon digs into the car and looks at the shopping index. Not on the list and eww. No, day-mon-a, she emphasizes his name. There were pork rinds on this shelf, There have been pork rinds here on every shopping trip we've had for the past 4 months.

tvd 6x03 elena and stefan first meet

She hurries out of the store. Damon follows, there is a small horse carousel outside the door, playing. Hmm, you hear that, Damon? She sounds like she's proved her point and Damon still looks bewildered. That's what hope sounds like. Its a whole new look huh?? Apparantly this color pointing to her t-shirt disguises all bodily fluids that i get covered in throughout the day.

So far its been only observation but i don't know. Seeing sick people getting better. Pauses Caroline told me a little bit.

About the dinner party from Hell. In between the ranting she may have mentioned something about your new job and a new girlfriend questioningly Ivy right?? Stefan looks down uncomfortably Stefan it's fine. It's not weird i promise. I'm just happy to finally see you again you know. Stefan nods understanding It's been really rough.

Welcome to Paradise/Transcript

Losing Bonnie the last couple of months. She stops suddenly realising something Which is an incredibly insensitive thing to say to somebody who just lost their brother. No i've been working on the healing thing too. Hey, by the way, have you heard from Caroline? She's not returning any of my calls and i. Ohh she'll be there at the swimming hole today. Stefan they're your friends too. I know that we can't hang out at the Grill anymore. But that does'nt mean we can't all spend time together.

If not for that then atleast to convince Caroline that Enzo is not new best friend replacement material. Will Enzo be there? I'd rather you come. Stefan cuts in Stefan: Don't worry about it. Thinks for a moment Yeah. Maybe i'll stop by. Do you understand the rules? Yea Rule 1, don't mention Elena was madly in love with Damon or you'll kill me.

Rule 2don't really reference Damon at all or you'll kill me. Rule 3, wear sunscreen and Caroline cuts in Caroline: Don't make fun of me. Enzo smiles a bit It's important that we let Elena live her new, happy, problem ignoring, zombie life the way she wants. A sentence that sounded oddly supportive and judgemental. She did what she needed to do to stop chomping on innocent people on the road.

It doesn't mean that i'm enjoying marinating all alone in my misery. Well i'll marinate with you. But i'm not Stefan. Or you'll kill me. Enzo gets up to leave. Caroline notices something on his shirt Caroline: Dabs his finger with it and tasts it That would be. A special off the menu item. This little diner is surprisingly well stocked.

Caroline gets up and stands in front of him Caroline: Tell me that you snatched, ateerased. Funny thing about that. You do the first two properly, the third isn't necessary. Oh, don't act all shocked. Well, I'm sorry, but death shocks me, and it also leads to a missing persons report, which leads to Enzo: I already have three warnings. One more is a fine. It's gotta be a short, faulty wiring, something. Or someone put a quarter in it and turned it on. You know i'm a little confused with all this misplaced hope.

All right, Let's just say there's some one here. How do you know we're gonna get out? Well, you say that this is your hell right? If there's someone else here, that means it's not your hell, and if it's not your hell that means Grams put us here, and if Grams put us here there's a way out. That's a hell of a logic knot you've tied for yourself.

So now that we have properly placed our hope, let's play a game. When we get out, what's the first thing you're gonna tell Elena? Thinks for a moment Sorry i killed Bonnie. But she was the most annoying person in the world.

He starts walking towards the car park She wouldn't shut up. She just kept talking. I mean, it's a wonder I made it as long as I did, but here's the thing, I think it's better this way because she didn't have magic, and she was pretty much useless. Bonnie notices something in the car park Bonnie: I don't know, you still think i'm useless?

She points to the parking lot and the screen pans to show Damon's car in the parking lot Damon: Looks at the car and the number plate That's my car. She's determined but sweet, eternal optimist, never forgets a birthday.

tvd 6x03 elena and stefan first meet

Never gives up on her friends. I'm sure she'll live up to these ridiculously high expectations. Great at surpassing expectations. So how long have you two been together?

We're not, but, I mean, we did at one point Because you two seem weirdly functional. Has it already been two years? Damon is sitting in his car and Bonnie is standing close Damon: Pretending like he's driving the car Vrrrmm, vrrrmm! How much longer are we gonna listen Shh, shh, shh, shh. This sound is the opposite sound of your voice, and I so enjoy it. How did it even get here, Damon? Did you leave it here in ? I don't know, Bonnie. It was 18 years ago.

Had a lot going on that day. So you admit that it's pretty unlikely that you did. Probing Damon to admit she's right Which would stand to reason. Someone may have put it here, Bonnie. Yesi admit that. I'm gonna tell Elena how much I love her. Bonnie smiles And then I'm gonna apologize for killing you.

Notices something behind Wait. Did you just see that? Damon turns to see and this time both clearly notice a figure speeding behind a parked car. I did that time. Let's go meet our little friend. So is a lake different from a swimmin' hole, or Thanks for making me sound like a redneck.

Where did you party in High School? Elena and Stefan find an empty classroom and catch up. She's totally cool with him having a new job and a new girlfriend. She invites him to the swimming hole, and he decides to come when she says he can help convince Caroline that Enzo is not best friend replacement material.

Caroline and Enzo are now close enough to eat off the same plate but still have very different ideas of what's on the menu RIP, Shirley. On the drive to the swimming hole, Elena and Stefan talk up Caroline to Liam, who naturally thinks Elena and Stefan are a couple. We get our timeline straight when Elena says it's been two years since they broke up. Damon and Bonnie establish that it's only in the show timeline as they argue about how his car suddenly appeared 18 years in the past in the grocery store parking lot.

Now Damon has hope. He's going to tell Elena he loves her when they get out—and apologize for killing Bonnie callback joke! They see someone move. Something—it was only a tarp.

The Vampire Diaries: 6x03 - Caroline Admits Feelings For Stefan To Elena

Also, the carousel is on a timer. Damon feels like a fool, but clearly he hasn't lost all hope because he won't let Bonnie take his day ring when she suggests he just end it all if he really thinks he's in his own private hell. While Damon visits the liquor aisle to sulk, he hears someone eating pork rinds. The swimming hole is super popular. Elena wants to brag about the flip she does off the rope into the water, but all she really has to do is walk around in that bikini.

She looks so amazing, you hardly notice Jeremy is shirtless when she interrupts him making out with Sarah. While Elena and Jeremy fight over his recklessness, Matt's new friend Jay acts like a total douchebag with Tyler. It's clear Jay doesn't believe in simple "animal attacks.

Again, Caroline finds it difficult to be around clueless Elena. Later, Elena apologizes to Liam for Caroline being surprisingly antisocial. He doesn't mind though, because as we read on his face immediately, he's into Elena.

He kisses her, and she seems to like the attention. Stefan finds Enzo, who was on an ice run for Caroline, in the woods. Before Stefan can kill him, Enzo saves Stefan from Jay—who was about to fire a stake gun at him from behind. Enzo texts Caroline about their problem, and fortunately she gets there in time to stand between the boys when Stefan thinks about using the gun on Enzo.

Things we learn about Kai: He misses Baywatch and sorry, Damon totally watched it. He's been following Damon and Bonnie everywhere and counting how many times Damon's temper has driven her away You think he's scared of Damon who admits he actually likes Bonnie—ah! He tells Damon to grab a drink and then says, "If you really want to know the reason I'm following you, it's because I want to kill you. But Kai had been following him to learn his habits: He'd put vervain in the bourbon.

Kai uses wood from the grocery store-quality patio furniture to stake Damon's hand and taunts him. Classic mistake, you think, though it's nice to know that Damon plays dirty at Monopoly with Bonnie.

When Damon tries to fight back, Kai smashes more of the bourbon bottles so they burn Damon's face—oh, now it's on, Kai. He's ready to deliver the fatal blow when Bonnie shows up. Kai calls her the "useless one" and asks if she's going to "fail" at him, since he knows she's been trying to do magic for months. He's embarrassed for her. Turns out, she just needed proper inspiration. The candle lights, and Kai knows he's in trouble: Bonnie tells smiling Damon to run, and she sets the spilled alcohol on fire.

I'm embarrassed for you," she says.

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Damon knocks Kai out and pays her a compliment. I hadn't met him yet. Speaking of friends, Matt learns Jay was a vampire hunter when Enzo dumps the body in the back of Matt's truck.

Caroline catches up to Stefan in the woods and tries to tell him that killing Enzo won't bring Ivy back and that if any part of him came back to check on Elena—or more importantly to check on her—he should stay. She begins to cry, and Elena's there.

The girls hug it out. Even if Elena isn't willing to deal with her own grief, she'll be there for Caroline.

tvd 6x03 elena and stefan first meet