Thor 2 jane and oden meet

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thor 2 jane and oden meet

Thor and Odin in 'The Dark World'. After Jane Foster gets sucked through a portal to another world from Earth, she Remembering The Collector could serve you well when you meet The Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok. So you've just seen Thor: The Dark World. Jane Foster, and perhaps more generally because Thor is a man of action unprepared for court life. Thor says some more nice words about Loki, and Odin says some nice words about The guardsman — a character we had never met before — made a face. Loki last appeared in 's Thor: The Dark World, so it's been a while since we' ve Ragnarok has revealed that somehow Odin ended up being dumped on Sanctorum was meeting with Thor for a chat (and a magically-acquired beer). Jane Foster was Thor's love interest in the first two Thor movies.

It's that I'm thrilled they're that confident. I shall wait for the audience to tell us whether there should be a second one, and then if that's a nice conversation to be had [among] all of us, that'd be thrilling. But I've got too much Irish superstitious blood in me to assume that Thor 2 will happen. But if Marvel says so, then I guess it must be true".

We've got various options with Ken [Branagh] to discuss coming back, but right now the focus is on the first one. Don is, slowly but surely, thinking about where to take the character next should we be so lucky". It was also reported that Branagh would not be returning as director but would likely be involved in a producing capacity. Things look really dirty. The first Thor was quite shiny and it was a very conscious, smart choice.

When I came in, I wanted to get more of a sense of the Norse mythology: His dad is god! We parted on very good terms, and I look forward to working with them again. I could have made a great Thor if I could have done the story that I was wanting to do. But I don't think I was the right person to make a great Thor out of the story they wanted to do. After Thor eventually does travel to Earth, he and Jane would have discovered that Malekith was "hiding the dark energy inside of Earth because he knows that Odin doesn't care about Earth, and so he's using Odin's disinterest in Earth to trick him.

Having that in Asgard is going to make it all the more special and that's what Alan [Taylor] wants to bring to it. I had a meeting with [the filmmakers], but it was a bit too late and then Hannibal came in It's just not happening". Iceland Review described the shoot as being among the most extensive film projects to have ever taken place in Iceland. Morgenthau said, "We wanted a grittier, boots-on-the-ground feeling, inspired by what Alan and I had done on Game of Thrones.

We wanted the realms to feel grounded, like a real place, while at the same time respecting the magical 'planet of the Gods' feeling and theme. The Dark World was Morgenthau's first time shooting a feature film digitally. With the Alexa, Morgenthau used Panavision anamorphic lenses. Morgenthau said, "The lenses brought some of the magic and mystery of photochemical back to digital, that big-movie look. The Dark World was easily the most technically complex project that he has worked but said, "It's all the same concept and the same principles as in a smaller film.

You just scale it up. You do a lot more prep. We had three months of prep and loads of time to pre-rig stages. Part of it is having a really good crew—it's definitely not a one-man show. Taylor explained that it was all a part of the "Marvel process" saying, "We're doing full scenes, scenes that were not in the movie before. We're adding scenes, creating scenes, writing scenes for the first time.

The one [involving Loki] was a fun connective scene We realised how well Loki was working in the movie, and we wanted to do more with him. So it was that kind of thing, it was like, 'Oh, we could do this, we could jam this in here' because he's such a wonderful guy to watch do his stuff. We had a major scene that was not working on the page at all in London, and he basically got airlifted in, like a SWAT team or something.

He came down, rewrote the scene, and before he got back to his plane I sort of grabbed him and said, 'And this scene and this scene? The film's visual effects were completed by seven special effects studios, including Double Negative and Luma Pictures. The sequence consisted mostly of computer graphics with live-action shots interwoven throughout. The use of CG allowed for greater freedom of movement by the characters as the live-action costumes were too constrictive.

To achieve this, crews filmed the coast of Norway with an Arri Alexa camera for three days in a helicopter, capturing six hours of footage. Double Negative then embedded their CG rendering of Asgard on shots of the natural landscape. In the comic, each of Infinity Gems had their own defined set of powers.

thor 2 jane and oden meet

The First Avenger and The Avengers: The Second Through Sixth Avengers. The Aether is another one. There are four more out there.

The Reality Stone Destroys Jane Foster - Thor The Dark World FULL SCENE - Sunday Movies

So is the Collector trying to bring all the Infinity Stones together? And so, probably, is Thanos.

thor 2 jane and oden meet

Unless they are working together. Either way, this is fairly significant departure from the comics: What does this mean for the future of the Marvel mega-franchise? We already knew that Guardians of the Galaxy would feature Thanos and Infinity-related concepts. The question is, just how many movies will it take to bring all the Infinity Stones together? Assuming the Marvel gravy train keeps on rolling — and given Thor: Strange and Inhumans films, which could theoretically advance the Infinity Thread.

thor 2 jane and oden meet

What this means in the long-term is a bit hazy. Clearly, Marvel is going to take its time building up Thanos as the franchise Big Bad. Will he be the villain in Avengers 3?

Or — getting even more ambitious — will Marvel devote Avengers 3 to another colorful Big Bad, and then unite all the divergent strands of their mult-franchise empire into one mega spinoff crossover? Part Two—Fall of Earth comes Christmas The Tesseract can control minds, open portals to other dimensions, and blow people up good. So why are the Asgardians giving a ridiculously powerful cosmic object to a guy who looks like the post-apocalyptic version of the eccentric millionaire who kidnaps people and hunts them for sport on his private island?

Why would he willingly give up inconceivable cosmic power?

thor 2 jane and oden meet

Dammit, these movies are paying for an Iron Fist TV show! But the post-credits scene does feature a fairly radical departure for the Marvel franchise. This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is the Thor of the Marvel Universe. Aaron said, "It grew out of the idea of the previous Thor becoming unworthy, which was something I was always building toward.

'Thor' ending analysis: Who was that?

I liked the idea of dealing with his worthiness and the idea of what it means for a god to be worthy in the Marvel universe. Then, of course, one day he should wake up and not be able to lift it.

That opened the door for someone else to pick up the hammer and carry it around in his place. Really, the only character that was discussed was Jane.

Donald Blake, eventually developing feelings for him and Thor, not knowing that they were one and the same.

Jane Foster (comics)

The love triangle went on for a while until Thor revealed his secret identity to Foster, which caused Odin to punish him though he was forgiven after saving Asgard, and in return Thor even took her to Asgard with him.

Odin then strips Foster of her new powers and returns her to Earth, with no memory of Thor or her time in Asgard, where she meets her new love Dr.

Keith Kincaid, who resembles Blake. Meanwhile, in Asgard Odin reunites Thor with his childhood love, Sif.

Jane Foster (comics) - Wikipedia

Unbeknownst to her, Jake and Thor have become merged, which creates many conflicts. In one instance, Olsen ignores medical orders and utilizes Thor's Blake's knowledge to perform a complicated procedure on a critically ill man. She later informed Monroe that he was dying due to the effects of the Super-Soldier Serum he had ingested as a youth. She is also seen in issue 4, helping to assist a beaten Spider-Man. Return[ edit ] Shortly after divorcing her husband and subsequently losing custody of her child, Jimmy Kincaid, Foster hears rumors of the return of Dr.

Donald Blake and Thor. Blake soon visits Foster at her work in a New York City hospital in search of Sif, whose spirit Blake mistakenly thought had been reborn in Foster since their spirits had been merged once before.

She alerts Blake and Thor manages to restore Sif just before the patient dies. Jane Foster as Thor. Cover art by Russell Dauterman and Frank Martin. During the " Original Sin " storyline, Nick Fury whispers an unrevealed secret to Thor that causes him to lose the ability to wield Mjolnir. Although Thor initially attempts to reclaim the hammer, [25] he — referring to himself as 'Odinson' — relinquishes the name and role of Thor after witnessing her wield its power.

Unbeknownst to Odinson, Mjolnir has given Jane the strength to fight as Thor while it is in her possession. Rage of Ultron as a member of the Avengers. She is one of the few survivors of the end of the extant Marvel Universe, boarding Reed Richards 's "life raft".

Knowing the survivors represent the only hope of defeating Doom, Doctor Strange scatters Foster and the others to different parts of Battleworld.

thor 2 jane and oden meet

For this, Doom kills Strange and begins hunting the survivors.