The 100 bellamy and clarke first meet

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the 100 bellamy and clarke first meet

Breaking down the reasons why Bellamy and Clarke should and shouldn't take their relationship to the next level. In Pilot, Clarke meets Bellamy for the first time just after the Dropship lands on Earth. Bellamy tries to open up the door but Clarke objects stating that the air. After six years apart, will things be different between Bellamy and Clarke when they next see each other?.

During that six-year time jump, Bellamy found it in his heart to forgive the former Azgeda devotee and fell in love with her.

the 100 bellamy and clarke first meet

Clarke enraged Bellamy by staying in Polis instead of returning home to Arkadia in Season 3, and then Bellamy helped massacre an entire grounder army and betrayed Clarke.

And then, in Season 4, Clarke locked his sister out of the bunker with the intent to let her die in Praimfaya.

The 100 S2 Ep5 Clarke and Bellamy hugs

Where would they go from there? If Bellarke were to happen, it almost begs the question: Sometimes the anticipation of having something is better than having the thing itself, and it would be a bummer to find out the anticipation of Bellarke canon was better than an actual relationship between the two.

the 100 bellamy and clarke first meet

Platonically, Bellamy and Clarke are the core of the show. Romantically, would the same be true? Over five long seasons, a number of fans of The have weathered multiple separations and betrayals, hookups with other characters, and a six-year time jump, all while still holding out hope for a romance between the show's two protagonists: Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin. Bellamy managed to sneak his way through a grounder army to find where the exiled prince was hiding Clarke, and the pair shared a brief reunion.

He was joyful, but she was nervous — and a few moments later, it became abundantly clear why. Though not dead, Bellamy was left severely wounded and unable to pursue them as Roan took Clarke to Polis. If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of both of their hearts breaking. The scene is made worse by the fact that both parties involved have good reason to be upset.

Like most moments between the two, it was interrupted. But at least they got a moment of peace and reconciliation before chaos exploded again, and buried whatever hatchet might have come between them in the past.

The Season 5: Bellamy and Clarke Reunite, But There's a Rough Road Ahead

It was good to see the co-leaders working together again — the rest of the season would need them as a united front. Tasked with writing a list of who should survive from Arkadia in Priamfiya, Clarke struggles with whether or not to write her own name down.

Bellamy awakens to hear her crying, and insists that if he deserves a spot, she does, too. Clarke, not so sure, gives him a speech about how he needs to use his head to be a good leader, and earlier in the episode they hug.

the 100 bellamy and clarke first meet

This served as a makeshift goodbye, but also as a summary of their relationship throughout the previous seasons. He called out her constant reliance on reason. Perhaps least surprising was the identity of the person she called on the radio every day during her years "alone" on the ground: Clarke sets up her satellite and radio and, though she says she doesn't know why she keeps calling him every day for the past six years!

13 of the Best Bellamy & Clarke Moments on 'The 100' (PHOTOS)

He has yet to learn he has thousands of missed calls from Clarke — his reaction would certainly be an interesting sight. After not seeing each other for six years and thousands of unanswered radio calls, Bellamy and Clarke were finally reunited; too bad one had a shock collar around her throat, and the other had a series of rifles pointed at him. While Diyoza assumed Clarke must have been pretty important to Bellamy if he was bargaining so many lives for hers, this moment was important for yet another reason.