Sfm ellis and zoey meet

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sfm ellis and zoey meet

Ellis and Zoey [SFM] Left 4 Dead: You're My Dream. first thing surprised me. I was using Nick as a meat shield and when we ran out of health packs, Nick was. Steam Community: Source Filmmaker. A short trailer video I made as tribute for Ellis x Zoey "romance". We knew that most of L4D fans are. 18 сер. Спільнота Steam: Source Filmmaker. A short trailer video I made as tribute for Ellis x Zoey "romance". We knew that most of L4D fans are.

Many thanks to lemurfot for some of the ideas and writting. Who would be the one to make the Ultimate Sacrifice so their friends could make it out alive? I may or may not post versions with all of the survivors sacrificing themselves, since this was just something I did while I was bored. Special thanks to SniperTheFox for an idea. Everybody Knows by Sigrid Made with: The Infected try to stop the survivors from reaching the safehouse.

Music is in the Credits. This was quite fun to animate and I hope you all enjoy it. Ellis and Zoey visit Nick Part 2. It took ten days to complete this one.

Ellis and Zoey love story Left4dead2 ❤ Best mix sfm

I really like to make a story about these L4D2's duo and I wished I could make more. Completely unable to fix the letter-boxing or aspect ratios in the original 3D version, at least until YouTube gets their shit together. If you wish to see a 2D, p version of this video, view it here: This is the toughest SFM video I've ever made since I started to use pose-to-pose animation for several scenes.

I also faced a problem when adding volumetric for the lighting, forcing me to disabling it. Nick, Ellis Guest Characters: Welcome to the new age: There were so many circumstances which made me delaying this episode, LOL. The full playlist of this mini-series: I have to delayed it because I was so busy.

But I'm glad that I can continue this.

sfm ellis and zoey meet

Hitomi, John Wick and Kojima Songs: Want to see more? So what you waiting for? Just click this link, become our Patron and get rewards: First track Rap Instrumental 2 by Avexer https: The show is still running. Episode 8 coming soon.

Hopefully I would be able to finish it on weekend. I highly recommend it http: On top of the fact that I always have something going on and that I have many videos to work on, it would have been here sooner if I wasn't moving cross country again, this time to Florida. Let's hope no more big scary holdups get in the way for a while. See you at episode 13! Dream a Dream - Captain Jack Max Payne 3 theme Minecraft Theme Music 1 Heute ist mein Tag - Blumchen Hax's Banhammer model for yourself!

sfm ellis and zoey meet

Sorry, it doesn't actually explode when thrown. First, I'm sorry for some of the audios' quality in this episode. Unfortunately, some of them have very poor quality. You can get the voices here: This is probably the shortest episode of the show but I wished it would be enjoyable for you all. It also because I was not on the mood and not in perfect condition to make a slightly longer video right now Episode playlist: Holy shit, I had to reupload this cuz Youtube, for the first time in my life, makes my audio off sync This mini-series may be over at least for nowbut I will try to make more SFM series in the future.

sfm ellis and zoey meet

Here the list of the featured episodes: Their usernames are listed below to credit them. I will also include them in the actual video credits if and when I ever make a completed version of this. If you made one or more of these pictures and do not see your username listed below, let me know what it is and I will add it.

sfm ellis and zoey meet

Be sure to let us know if you like the video as we've got plenty more footage to go through! Info on the game here: Criken Tomato - https: D The Adventures of Coach: Coach and Demoman are friends for a very short period, they met each other while Coach became reinvigorated. Their friendship lasts til the very end of this video.

Watch and you'll see why! Brawl Music - Final Destination 5: Thanks to everyone who voted! Opening Track titled lost and unfound https: It's been over 5 years since I have made this film, We have all come so far from this, and let me remind you that this was a project for class, lol. We had no idea it would blow up all over youtube.

And although it was one of the most exciting experiences I've had in film making, it was also one of the toughest challenges to complete. Unfortunately, I will not be doing anymore left 4 dead videos at this time. Maybe sometime down the road I will make an original zombie flick, but for now I am putting all my energy and talent into a feature film of my own.

Which you can find out more info here https: Make sure to like and share to be entered to win a secret giveaway. Old description This was made in This was my first attempt at a fan film based off of the game Left 4 Dead created by Valve entertainment. Please excuse the audio, and video quality. We were having all sorts of problems during production.

Murphy's law kinda kicked our butts. This ended up being a flawed masterpiece. There are some special effects and sound effects missing throughout the film. This is a non-profit film and is for private use only not intended for sales or commercial use.

Ellis and Zoey FTW part 3

I hope you enjoy this, and thanks to MisterMild who I forgot to put in the credits for giving me the Coach Skin again. While we wait for the Left 4 Dead 3 that will never happen, enjoy some trivia! There are more Easter Eggs in the first part: Part 2 has more tank madness! What really happend when the infection started or did the infection even start? Bigger better and longer.

sfm ellis and zoey meet

Screen Fixed sorry if you commented and rated on the old video. Part 2 - http: Follow us on Facebook: Go here to download mod: Al fin el fandub mas esperadisimo de todos, Left 4 Speed 2. Ahora para que dejen de fregarme con mensajes y comentarios, ya lo tienen aqui para que lo disfruten. Para serles honesto, me gusto el primero, pero este esta chistoso comoquiera. Finally the most awaited fandub by everyone, Left 4 Speed 2! Now you can stop sending me messages and comments saying you want the video already, here you have it so you can enjoy!

To be honest with you, i liked the first one, but this one is funny anyways. D Left 4 Dead: Credits at the end of the video. Sorry guys, but I don't even care for this pairing, and this is just a little video I did. I don't care if you hate this song or think Zoey's hot, so please find something better to do with your time than make fun of this video.

Random inspiration overtakes me again. Big thanks to sorakachan for sending me a bunch of Zoey pictures, haha. Disclaimer-- Nothing is mine. It took two weeks for me to complete this not to mention several dropped versions of this episode. And by the way, thanks for subscribers. It makes me very excited. Don't forget to subscribe for more contents.

Спільнота Steam :: Відео :: [SFM] When Ellis meet Zoey (Tribute for Ellis x Zoey romance)

His injuries worsens as the various infected continue their assault eventually forcing him to outright call hospitals. If you like the video and want to see more, leave a suggestion for what character I should use and who or where to call next!

Me encantan los video juegos y compartir las cosas que hago con aquellos que les apasiona o les divierte verme. Then please visit http: You choose the time, you choose the map, you get Admin rights. This is only for Campaign. From the Main Menu, open console. Type map mapname no quotes, example: Type give gunname no quotes, example: