Romeo and juliet meet baz luhrmann wear

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romeo and juliet meet baz luhrmann wear

Romeo + Juliet at Baz Luhrmann's adaptation refuses to age . year-old Claire Danes' and year-old DiCaprio's eyes meet in an electric blue but I'm not sure he's ever worn his alternately chippy and cherubic star. Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet is somehow already turning we meet are the Montague boys—all of whom are wearing their usual brightly. As Baz Luhrmann's improbable Shakespeare adaptation celebrates in that pastiche of icons — from the way they act to the way they dress.

romeo and juliet meet baz luhrmann wear

Luhrmann is using the costumes the characters are wearing to reflect on their character and roles that they are shown to take up. At the opening of the party we see Romeo dressed up as a knight.

The audience soon begin to realise that if they were to meet, this could spark of arguments between the two houses which underlines the theme of conflict and family feuds.

romeo and juliet meet baz luhrmann wear

Also still while Romeo is entering the party, the camera slow cuts on spinning fireworks high up on the mansion wall. The audience could get the impression here that Romeo is emotionally spinning out of control from his current love relationship. In reality most of the audience know Romeo will eventually meet Juliet and fall in love with her at first site.

The fact that they cannot be together allows the audience to sympathise with Romeo because this helps them relate to themselves and are expecting to see a weaker side of him. Luhrmann shows Mercutio coming to the party hyper and uses slow motion to help the audience focus on him and things around him even more.

Again in here the theme of conflict is brought up. The medium high angle shot on Tybalt can symbolise him lowering himself and his dignity by his actions and his evil personality depicted throughout the film.

Romeo + Juliet 20 Years Later

The first time Romeo and Juliet meet. Their costumes echo their positions in life and their relationship because despite being dressed as a knight he is still human and Juliet is dressed as an angel who is out of his reach. Just after Romeo throws his mask in the fountain and turns towards the fish tank, we see a man in the toilet peeing in the background.

romeo and juliet meet baz luhrmann wear

More interesting to examine is the fresh perspective Luhrmann brings to the material. Where they were aware at all times that they were watching a movie, and that they should be active in their experience and not passive.

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Not being put into a sort of sleep state and made to believe through a set of constructs that they are watching a real-life story through a keyhole. They are aware at all times that they are watching a movie. After the opening narration — delivered by a television news anchor — we are launched into a vivid world of bright colours, quick cuts and broad comedy.

The net effect is overwhelming: The artificiality remains but the depth of feeling is real — and so it is throughout. That duality — between contrivance and truth — is integral to his adaptation, as seen in two recurring motifs: But what of the religious imagery? Perhaps the ubiquity of these symbols is in fact the point.

The best fashion moments from Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo + Juliet,” which is somehow 22 years old

Garish, overused and coupled with weaponry, this is a world where religion is universally espoused yet stripped of meaning.

These icons represents the dogma and hypocrisy of a repressive society. Certainly, nothing was arbitrary: Also as part of the display at our store are these incredible jewelry pieces. Tell me a little about them. How did jewelry play a role in shaping the costume direction? The silver jewelry was beautifully made in Mexico. Mexico's full of incredible arts and crafts and we had such exquisite arts and crafts people working on the film. And the silver jewelry became a big part of the film, particularly in terms of handflower bracelets and the iconic cross and ring that Juliet wears.

Early on we conceived the notion that there were signs and symbols inside the secret ring, which ended up becoming something like a logo for the entire project. These secret signs and symbols started to evolve and develop and Kym and CM were very good at finding ways of layering them into the visual production look of the of the film.

We all really dug the beauty of the jewelry that was being made, so what you see here is some of the specific jewelry that was being worn by the actors. Leonardo had it made for me as a gift on the shoot and I cherish it deeply. Did the shoot locations California, Mexico, etc. Mexico is woven into the bones of the romance. Well, there is a sad side note here, which is that a hurricane came and blew away all the sets.

There was no more Sycamore Grove Theatre after that. We had to debunk and finished the post-production at Skywalker Ranch in California. We were a little low on cash, too.

romeo and juliet meet baz luhrmann wear

I remember us trying to reproduce our beloved storm- battered Mexico by using big fans and CM holding up a bit of blue scenery behind Leonardo as he poured his heart out over the death of Mercutio.

There were about four people in the crew; it was more like a student film project by then. Rather a tight little set-up compared to the natural cinema of a hurricane. But we lived and breathed Mexico and it almost like its own character in the film. Even when it was gone, we were trying to get it back.

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Truth be known, time passed and passed, and soon time was up. We got so late in the mix that we had to actually replace it.