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meet and grow rich joe vitale

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That's the next step.

Meet and Grow Rich | Joe Vitale of The Secret DVD is Law of Attraction expert and Life Coach

That's where we have to go. Because, all of our beliefs, all of our memories, all of our data, all of our negativity, all of it is in the unconscious mind.

When we clean up the unconscious mind, then you can consciously ask for something. And, more often than not, you'll get it, and you'll get it very fast, because you won't have any interference. The interference comes from your own unconscious mind. And, you are well-known to help people to attract what they want. So, how can we do to communicate with the subconscious and to help him to help us? Well, the first thing to do is actually ask for help from your own unconscious mind.

The beliefs that are in your unconscious mind are not buried, and they're not hidden. You can uncover them. You can tease them out. What might I believe to stop me from attracting a romance? What might I believe to stop me from having better health? I don't believe I deserve it.

meet and grow rich joe vitale

I've never seen an example in my life. Do you believe it's true you can't attract your soul mate? Do you believe it's true you can't attract better health or the romance or the job or whatever it happens to be?

As you look at them, you start to weaken them, and then make them disappear. That's one way that you can do it. And, when it disappears, you have to create a new belief? Now, some people say you can replace old beliefs with new beliefs. I actually feel that you want to release the negative beliefs and what's there is more of a divine calling. What seems to be there is almost an underlying mission for you personally.

It will be different for me, different for somebody else watching, different for you, but, when you get rid of the negative beliefs, that calling, that mission, that life path is there for you. You don't have to go and put new beliefs there. There's already a divine belief waiting for you. You could unleash it. You can live it at that point.

meet and grow rich joe vitale

There's no interference at that point. I would love to know also, according to you, who do we have to become to have wealth? In order to become wealthy, the very first thing that people have to do is be okay with money. We have unconscious beliefs about money. I'm visualizing more money. I am now becoming wealthy. You're going to push it away. Or you allow a little bit to come into your life, and then, you'll have an accident, you'll have a problem, there'll be a lawsuit, they'll be something to get rid of the money.

Because, unconsciously you think it's evil. So, the first thing to do is make peace with money. Money's nothing but some agreed upon means of exchange. The second thing to do is be okay with yourself. Most of us don't like ourselves. Most of us don't love ourselves. We don't appreciate ourselves.

We're not really deserving. We're not really good enough. So the two things to become wealthy: And, I would love also to know…because we have two categories: And, a lot of people want to grow in the professional category with the consequence they will have money. Do you think we have to focus on money before having my professional growth, or the inverse?

Do you understand my question? I think I do. But, here's my answer. Whether I understand your question or not, I have an answer. My answer is you are to pursue your life mission first. Whatever your professional calling is, your pursue that. You don't worry about money first. How can I make more money for this? What are the rules of money, that I can bring that into my life? There are numerous stories of people who have just followed their own dreams, and by following their dreams, everything else fell into place.

When you focus on money, you can actually put a block up from focusing on your own heart path, you know, following your own diving calling. So, you follow your path, and what you want to do in this planet, and you make link with money. Then, you make link with money. Walt Disney, the great movie maker, said he wanted to make money from his movies, so he could make more movies. That's the focus we all want to have. I want to write books to make a difference.

I want them to make money, only so I can keep writing books. It's not about the money. It's about following your divine purpose, whatever is unique for you, your calling, your path through life. Why do I want to become a millionaire? Why do I want to become a billionaire? Well, money is a means to an end. Too many people focus on the money, and they don't realize that what they really want is what the money will bring them.

So, I tell people is okay, so you won the lottery. Or say you inherited money. Say that you had some sort of abundance fall into your lap. What are you going to do with it? That's more important to look at. Now I will open my restaurant. There's lots of ways to obtain what you want.

Money is simply one of them. When we focus too much on money, we become blind to all the other possibilities that are around us. Things can be given to you, things can be won. There's all kind of… Exchanges, bartering, any number of possibilities.

meet and grow rich joe vitale

Money's only one of them. I was reading a short biography of you, and I would love that you tell your story, and how did you start. Because, you're talking about finding your purpose, and maybe that you were struggling, and you had some experiences to change your life.

Can you tell me that? How did you start?

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How much time do you have? The time you give me. I don't have a short story. I was in poverty for a very long time.

I became a book-a-holic as a child, loving books and making them my best friends as I grew up. My mother read stories to me from the Bible, and I developed a love for books from there. I never thought of collecting books as I didn't have the money and I knew where the library was. But in later years, as I became successful, the idea of owning the books I loved became a passion of mine. Since I'm an author, my love of books and book collecting is a natural extension of my life calling.

Do you remember the first book in your collection and how you acquired it? The first really important book would be the signed first edition of Claude Bristol's masterpiece, The Magic of Believing. That book transformed my life when I read it as a teenager. When I was in my forties, I found the rare book listed with a book dealer. Today I have two autographed copies of that influential book.

You collect a broad spectrum of subject matters of books: The only logical connection is that these subjects are passions of mine, and areas where I've now written my own books.

Meet and Grow Rich

After I read P. Barnum's autobiography, I started collecting whatever I could find by him. I have several autographed copies of his books. I later wrote a book about him titled: If you're tired of struggling and want the true secret of unlimited success, The Key will open a new world of possibilities for you. The Key reveals the missing secret for attracting wealth, health, success, happiness, I've used them for over thirty years and know the power they provide everyone in such a group.

I'm delighted to see this inspiring, easy-to-follow manual. Read it and follow what it suggests. A paradigm is more than a feeling or a belief. It is an entire way of being— a fundamental universal conviction that reverberates out into the universe.