Gundam 00 where earth and sky meet my son

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gundam 00 where earth and sky meet my son

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is an anime television series, the eleventh installment in Sunrise studio's long-running Gundam franchise comprising two seasons. The series is set on a futuristic Earth and is centered on the exploits of the .. Two people tied together only by their spirits, divided by sky and earth," was published in. Report. Gundam 00 Manga Prelude to the Movie ~The place where the sky and earth meet~ download free! MS. mQMgMO16SQe. Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie -A wakening of the Trailblazer- Son (AwotT- Nv) (unnamed) . I would like to address this statement to every single human being born and raised on earth. Graham and Billy heads to meet the commander of the Union Mobile Suit Warehouse & Development Headquarters ( MSWAD).

Back at the hangar, Riku promises to Sara that he will never use Trans-Am again until he is strong enough to properly control it. Riku and Yukio take a Serial Mission to try out their new upgrades before they are joined by a masked man named Kyoya. They manage to clear the first three phases of the mission, but as they prepare for the phase 4 boss, they encounter a trio of Mass-Divers piloting Jegans.

Just as both Forces engage in battle, the Devil Gundam makes a sudden appearance and destroys the Jegans.

Kyoya explains to Riku and his friends that he was investigating the presence of Mass-Divers in low-rank missions, resulting in bugs in the game. He then exchanges friend requests with them so they can help him protect the GBN world.

To improve their Gunpla building skills, Riku and his friends venture to the Estania Area to meet the Torabuyru and its leader known as Tigerwolf. After some coercing by Momo and Sarah, Tigerwolf agrees to train Riku and Yukki into assimilating themselves into their Divers, mastering their building skills, and differentiating the virtual world from reality.

During their training, Tigerwolf is challenged by the bounty hunter Daniel of Desperado and his Tequila Gundam. When Tigerwolf is injured during the attack, Riku and Yukki challenge Daniel, but are overwhelmed by his higher skill level.

Tigerwolf re-emerges in his Gundam Jiyan Altron and swiftly defeats the bounty hunter. After the battle, he explains to Riku and Yukki that they must reach Rank C to unlock special skills and they should learn to develop their own special attacks. Riku continues to modify his Gundam 00 Diver while a mysterious pair observe him in the game.

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A group of Mass-Divers arrive in the city, pretending to be Shahryar, but a masked female Diver named Ayame quickly calls them out as imposters attempting to steal customization techniques from other Divers. Later, Riku and his friends spot the imposters' Xamdrag leaving the city with an unconscious Ayame.

As they did not bring their Gunpla local builder lends them his Ptolemaios to go after the Mass-Divers. The builder arrives and reveals himself as the real Shahryar before using his Seravee Gundam Scheherazade to destroy the Mass-Divers' Gunpla. After the battle, Shahryar offers Riku and his friends to join his Force, but Tigerwolf urges them to join Toraburyu instead. As he wants to find his own style and strength, Riku declines both offers and decides to form his own Force with Yukki, Momo, and Sarah.

Riku, Yukki, and Momo visit Nanami's brother Koichi Nanase and invite him to join their Force, but he declines their invitation, as he has retired from Gunpla Battle. Nanami drags Koichi into the store to show that Riku and his friends are repairing all of his old Gunpla, which brings him in tears.

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He agrees to join their Force as long as they use their own Gunpla. Riku and Yukki select a 5-on-5 elimination Event Battle for their Force's debut. The popularity of this meme is actually pretty bizarre, since, as anyone who's seen the episode could tell you, it didn't work.

The first thing Amuro Ray did after getting his Bright Slap was to abandon ship and try to leave them to die, until his conscience got the better of him.

gundam 00 where earth and sky meet my son

When it comes to internet and real life; some fans would like to do the same thing or give harsh Bright Slap-themed comments to some Hollywood directors with their only common target being Michael Baygiven the infamy of his Transformers film series who decided to potentially direct another live-action Gundam film. Though subverted after the reveal of Sunrise and Legendary Pictures ' collaboration of creating a Live-Action Gundam movie, fans still joked about the studio eyeing on Bay directing despite him entirely working with Paramount.

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Acguy, with its big head, stumpy limbs and plump body, has acquired quite a following for being adorable. As the meme goes, "Acguy is love".

gundam 00 where earth and sky meet my son

A follow up was done in Gundam-san, then the fandom at large caught on. This has more or less become an official Ascended Meme as of Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning Gwhere one of the main characters pilots a "Beargguy", an Acguy with a teddy bear-like head. Before you dismiss it as a simple coincidence, Beargguy is the only main mech on the show that isn't a Zaku or a Gundam.

gundam 00 where earth and sky meet my son

The four Petitgguy in the second ending were also made into their respective Petitguy kits. The 00 Raiser begins to undergo assimilation, however Tieria Erde arrives in the Raphael Gundam and rips out 00 Raiser's infected left arm, allowing Setsuna and the team to escape.

gundam 00 where earth and sky meet my son

The Federation forces later travel to Mars in order to discover the ELS's intentions, with Descartes heading out first in the Gadelaza. However most of its ships and Mobile suits were assimilated, and Descartes ends up being assimilated as well, killing him in the process. Celestial Being arrives too late to save the Federation soldiers and engages in battle against the ELS.

gundam 00 where earth and sky meet my son

Setsuna executes Trans-Am Burst in an attempt to communicate with the ELS, theorizing that this is the "dialogues to come" that Aeolia Schenberg was conditioning humanity for. Unfortunately, Setsuna falls victim to a mental attack from the ELS and is rendered comatose in the middle of battle.

Tieria's conscious mind returns to Veda and Feldt Grace desperately awaits at Setsuna's side to awaken. After the battle, the Ptolemaios crew and the Earth Sphere Federation witness the appearance of a large moon-size ELS, determining that it will arrive at Earth in 92 days.

With most of the civilians being informed of the situation and heading towards shelters, Saji tells Louise that he's going to the Orbital Elevator to help fight the ELS as the last line of defense.

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Kati, in charge of the operation, orders to fire its main cannon, which damages the ELS superstructure. During this time, Tieria requests that Ian Vashti install a miniature Veda terminal in the cockpit of 00 Qan[T] to handle the massive amounts of information that would result from linking with the ELS again.

During the battle, many of the Federation's Baikal-class ships were assimilated by the ELS, who subsequently created their own copies of the technology. Zabanya and Harute arrive to assist the ESF in battle.

Meanwhile, on board the Ptolemaios 2, a still-comatose Setsuna lies in a dream-like state. Setsuna then sees the flower that Feldt gave him. He finally wakes up with Feldt at his side. He prepares to self-destruct before saying goodbyes to Kati, when Setsuna blasts Patrick's GNX, saving him from assimilation.