Arturo brachetti and his friends want to meet

Solo Temp - Arte Brachetti

arturo brachetti and his friends want to meet

We should know who we are, but it is not that simple. Arturo Brachetti was born on October 13, in Turin, in the north of Italy. reclaimed much of its historical heritage, but Arturo remembers "a very sad town, like an Even on boring visits to friends and family I would head for the bookshelves and look up the words. Arturo brings on stage the distinctive features that makes the Country famous . not want to show everything to everyone, and what you can not see you can. Arturo Brachetti, the Man of a Thousand Faces played on two continents is fluent in Italian (his native language), French, German, and, according to a friend, Performers who had a new act they wished to break in simply wanted a few routined effectively and felt comfortable in the act, they invited bookers to see the .

A show with amazing effects that provide an evening of magical dreams as well, that can happen! Brachetti, this time, is presented along with a unique human fauna, international attractions, comic characters, ballets, but also transformations, illusions and surprises.

A group of tourists visits a long-ago abandoned theater that it going to be torn down to make way for a supermarket very soon.

arturo brachetti and his friends want to meet

A collage of all his most successful pieces: Critics all over the world praised the show. In Paris it won the Moliere Award in and was the most popular show of the year.

arturo brachetti and his friends want to meet

In Canada it won the Olivier Award for the theater. In Paris the numbers are staggering: Marigny, Mogador and Casino de Paris.

arturo brachetti and his friends want to meet

After the tour in France, Switzerland and Belgium the show landed in in various US cities, and in Italy from to Directed by Duccio Camerini. Produced by Compagnia del Gentile e Nuovo Teatro.


After years of vaudeville Arturo confronts a great classic in a rave version of the famous Shakespearean play. Puck Arturo comes flying from a TV in front of the astonished eyes of Hermia and then takes her to the nocturnal and magical place: Hermia finds in her dream all the characters of his daily life transfigured in an end-of-the-millennium night.

arturo brachetti and his friends want to meet

Titania is a disco queen, the comedians are three junkies and Puck himself is a leprechaun from Videomusic. The show has been very successful especially among young people who have more appreciated the unusual setting of an eternal story.

arturo brachetti and his friends want to meet

Produced by Compagnia della Rancia. A divertissement on filmmaking.

His James Bond switching from black to white tuxedo while he is onstage and we have no idea how it is done. Unfortunately the quick change acts are strung together with an artificial narrative where Bracchetti dressed as his older self switches to his younger persona and sets off on a world tour.

This linking narrative has writer and director Sean Foley's own particular brand of nonsense on it and it is a shame that it detracts from Brachetti's excellent quick change routines. The Federico Fellini section will not make any sense to any but film buffs and children in the audience may be upset at Harry Potter's owl being shot down.

Although Brachetti with his cheekily boyish grin is an excellent clown this show does not have the emotional content which made Slava's Snow Show such an international success.

The recorded music helps keep up the pace with its strong cues for the costume sections so we can instantly recognise the film stars. There is a sequence, a tribute to painters like Monet, Magritte and Van Gogh where Brachetti wears extravagant outfits adorned with sunflowers or waterlilies. The interaction of live stage act with a screened video so that people appear to walk out onstage from the film clip has been seen often now.

The shadow hand action of birds, ducks and rabbits is really old hat and not what you expect to pay West End prices for.


The finale has Brachetti in a will o' the wisp spin and disappearing. Far better to see him in a night club setting where his jaw dropping costume changes will delight and surprise.

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