Abbott and costello meet the mummy 1955 part 1

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abbott and costello meet the mummy 1955 part 1

Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy is a horror comedy film directed by Charles Lamont and starring the comedy team of Abbott and Costello. It is the 28th and final Abbott and Costello film produced by Universal-International. Contents. 1 Plot; 2 Cast; 3 Production; 4 Home media; 5 Merchandise; 6 See also This film has been released several times on DVD. Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy () was the last of the series and If that's what I have to do to stay in the business, then I don't want any part of it. a few earlier A&C movies and later one of Hollywood's top Oscar®-winning scorers . Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy () Movie Script. Read the Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy full movie script online. SS is dedicated to The.

Not only does it cheapen the impact of what has come before by making the monster himself the subject of comedy something earlier Abbott and Costello monster movies avoidedbut it pretty much ruins The Mummy. There's a reason it took thirty years to get a decent Mummy movie out of Universal after this, and it's because they had absolutely devalued the character through multiple sequels of diminishing quality followed by this, an absolute mockery of the concept.

This would be like putting Jason Voorhees on Hollywood Squares. It would ruin what makes him scary and special. Freddy Krueger would be right at home as the secret square because it fits with his character, but Jason? He belongs to the night, a killer in the shadows notice how I've avoided bringing up that time that Jason Voorhees was on The Arsenio Hall Show.

Some characters need to stay in the shadows.

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I've seen most of these Mummy movies before, but I've never really sat down and watched them consecutively with the intent of tracing through-lines and seeing how they work as a series. Now that I'm six films deep, it's becoming obvious that there has never really been a solid legacy for The Mummy.

abbott and costello meet the mummy 1955 part 1

The first film is a classic, but each sequel fails to live up to the quality of that first film or the potential of the story itself. In a lot of ways, it reveals that The Mummy has always been a the red-headed step-child of the Univeral Monsters. He has an iconic image that is instantly recognizable and he's helped sell model kits and makeup kits and magazines, but he's never shared the same status as monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein, or Wolf Man.

When you think of The Mummy, you think of classic black and white horror, of the undead corpse dragging his leg through the night on his way to kill. Yet that was rarely the image we saw on screen. The impact of the Hammer Films approach to the character must be taken into account, but The Mummy of our pop culture seems to be largely a myth, something that never existed on screen as it does in our minds.

This is somehow very sad to me. This movie is, for me, the lowest point in the legacy of an icon.

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Given that it's also the end of the Universal adventures of Abbott and Costello, I came away from this movie pretty bummed out. Of course, my perspective has been skewed by watching all of the movies essentially back to back.

I have to realize the value of comedy and introducing the character to kids in a way that isn't frightening, so the movie has value for that, if nothing else. And it's not this film's fault that I decided to marathon the Mummy flicks. One can't deny that the approach used in this movie is different than in other Abbott and Costello comedies, but maybe it's all for the best.

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Just as with the most successful scary movie icons, what starts as a pure vision of dramatic horror eventually ends up on a lunchbox. Judged by that metric, The Mummy may be one of the most successful monsters of all. The Mummy Mania Series. Whenever Costello plays the kind of flute that snake charmers play, a cobra raises up out of a basket.

We first see it when the guys are hiding from policemen disguised as snake charmers. Costello plays the flute and finds a cobra in his face that came out of a basket above him. He tells Abbott to sit under the basket then plays the flute but instead, another cobra comes out of a basket behind him. Next, the guys are in a store where Costello finds a flute and plays it, which brings another cobra out of a basket, but he doesn't see it.

abbott and costello meet the mummy 1955 part 1

He puts his hat on the basket then plays the flute and sees his hat move so he picks it up to find a cobra in his face. At the very end, in a nightclub made out of the mummy's tomb, where the band are all dressed like mummys, Costello decides to scare Abbott with a cobra, so he tells him to play the flute. He is surprised to see two cobras come out of a large ceramic pot. He is even more surprised to see that the cobras are really painted hands and arms that are attached to a beautiful woman who reaches out for Abbott and kisses him.

Costello decides he'll find his own beautiful woman if he plays the flute at a different pot, so he does.