Shanks and luffy meet again guilty

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shanks and luffy meet again guilty

He found his opponent for when the crews finally meet. The two Guilt washed over the girl's face and she took a step back from the table. "Uh, n-no," "Shanks, " Luffy whispered, sounding a lot like a little kid again. His crew. After a major shake-up with Luffy and the Straw Hats, fans see new title will certainly be Shanks' mission to find out if they ever meet again. When he was seven years old, he met and befriended a crew of pirates led by a Luffy was inspired to become a pirate by Shanks and his crew. The next day, Ace went out again and Luffy followed, wanting to start a friendship, only Buggy feels guilty for lying to Luffy but nonetheless, decides to escape from Luffy but.

shanks and luffy meet again guilty

The second man was a really fat guy who had an eternal grin on his face and red-tinted glasses that covering his eyes. He also had a giant piece of meat in his hand and was currently bitten into it.

The last man had a somewhat slim built and wore a long black cape that swung in the wind. His most distinguishing physical features were his short, flaming red hair and the three scars that were engraved onto his face, matching his pirate's mark.

The thing that really stood out the most to the Strawhats, however, was his bright yellow strawhat. The Strawhats couldn't help feeling strange seeing anyone wear Luffy's beloved hat, even if Shanks was the original owner. It just didn't seem right on Shanks' head. Luffy stared transfixed as he looked at the red-haired pirate. He didn't know how, but he could feel the power radiating from the man. It reminded him very much of his grandpa. Woop Slap stepped forward to confront the pirates.


My name is Shanks and I'm the leader of this band of pirates. If you want our money, you can have it all. Just leave our village peacefully. The fat pirate, who was still eating his meat, also began laugh in good nature.

We just came here to relax for a little while. Life on the Grand Line can be tough, so it's nice to take a break every now and then. Makino meekly walked towards the pirates. Woop Slap gave her a disapproving look, but didn't move to stop her. I own the bar in town," Makino said softly. I told you, Benn, this place would have a bar!

Shanks dismissively waved his hand. By the time he returns, we'll be long gone. No pirate crew can function without some form of alcohol. This man spoke the truth.

If Luffy was an alcoholic," Sanji said with an air of amusement. Usopp and Chopper nodded in agreement with Nami. Brook laughed at Shank's crew. The Red-Hair Pirates reminded him of his old crew. They all just seemed good natured. There was a loud cheer before dozens of pirates came storming off the ship, stunning poor Makino.

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Their cheers could be heard across the island and the villagers could only look on in disbelief. He has enough to worry about with those pirates going crazy in the Grand Line. Although, we may not have any booze for a long time. Makino found herself running out of beer after only the first couple of hours and was forced to used her emergency supply. These pirates just seemed to never stop drinking. Luffy was able to sneak into the bar using the backdoor Makino allowed him to use.

From the safety of the backroom, Luffy watched the pirates the entire night. They acted very different to the pirates his grandpa described. His grandfather had always told him how evil and vicious pirates were, but these pirates just acted like regular drunks in town. There was nothing scary about them at all. It was only until things had quietened down that Luffy left the storage room.

Most of the pirates appeared to have passed out, including their captain who was slumped over the bar counter. He was snoring heavily and his strawhat lay on his side. Did Luffy live alone when his grandfather left? Surely, not even Garp could be that neglectful. Luffy bravely puffed up his chest. And besides," He poked one the drunken pirates.

He did it until the man fell out of his chair. Regardless, the man remained asleep and even curled up on the floor, "they're all drunk.

He thought he could throw a party. For someone who drunk so much, she expected him to hold his liquor better than this. Even Usopp looked disheartened when he saw his father passed out on the floor with drool coming out of his mouth. Luffy wasn't listening to her at all. I hate to admit it, but he isn't as scary as I thought. He's actually really nice. Luffy let his eyes wondered to Shanks' strawhat. It was an odd thing to see, given that no one he knew wore a strawhat.

It also looked fairly old and beat up. A mischievous look suddenly appeared on Luffy's face. Luffy looked at the passed-out captain again before he began to reach for the strawhat. Just as he touched the rims of the hat, however, a hand suddenly grabbed his wrist.

Luffy gave a startled gasp as he turned towards the source of the hand. Within seconds, he was staring at two very red and angry eyes. Luffy gave a loud scream as he attempted to pull his hand free, getting Makino's attention. The commotion woke up some of the pirates. Even the Strawhats were startled by the change in Shanks' demeanor. It looked like he really was going to hurt Luffy. Luffy continued to struggle to free himself as he was lifted off his barstool.

For the first time since the pirate had arrived, Luffy was afraid of this man. Luffy was near tears. He didn't mean any harm! Benn cut Luffy off before he could escape, however. Luffy was completely frozen in fear. He has been frightened enough already with our captain growling in his face. Usopp watched in awe as his father knelt down before Luffy and began to speak in a soft, gentle voice.

Luffy was still too frozen to speak. He can be kind of This earned a chuckle from Lucky. Luffy slowly started to relax. My name is Yasopp, number one sniper of the Red-Hair Pirates," he said proudly as he put his hand over his chest, much like what Usopp does when he's bragging.

Luffy said nothing for a moment. Even Shanks stopped rubbing his face. His eyes widened in realization.

shanks and luffy meet again guilty

You're not related by any chance to Monkey D. Lucky Roo and Yasopp also were both completely shocked by the revelation. Benn was the only one who looked somewhat unimpressed. I didn't even know he had a son," Benn admitted. What crazy woman hooked up with him!?

Most of the Strawhats did and snickered at the comment. Robin paused in thought. I can survive in the jungle eating nothing but frogs and snakes. Luffy pondered the question for several seconds. An entire treasury for donuts!? What kind of idiot would do such a thing? Luffy would give away all the gold they got from Skypiea for meat, or bronze statues. Given how much Luffy was like his grandfather, it was perfectly within his character to trade away crap loads of treasure for food.

That family simply didn't value money. Sanji puffed on his cigarette and smiled. It was given to me by someone I considered a father figure. Shanks smiled and looked fondly at his hat. At that moment, he looked very similar to Luffy. I don't let anyone touch it. I just wanted to have some fun with you. There's nothing scary about you. You just startled me. You were ready to run away and cry to your mother!

Makino watched the conversation back and forth, and began to laugh as well. He had never seen Luffy's face turned that shade of red before.

shanks and luffy meet again guilty

The scene changed, but the Strawhats were still inside the Party Bar. This time, however, it was daytime and most of the commotion was coming from outside. The Strawhats made their way out of the bar and saw the pirates cheering someone on in the street. It didn't take long to figure out who it was when they heard Yasopp's name being chanted. They also heard Luffy's childish laughter above the crowd. When the Strawhats got close enough, they could see Yasopp standing in the middle of the street with a long rifle in his hands.

He gave a cocky smile as he calmly waited for something to happen. One of the pirates, who was nearly on the other side of the village, suddenly threw several objects into the air.

They were barely dots from where the Strawhats stood. With reflexes that Sanji and Zoro's could barely see, Yasopp lifted his gun and shot several times at his targets. Each of the dots disappeared as the bullets hit their marks. Within a span of less than a second, it was all over. The greatest sniper ever! He was now standing right next to Yasopp. The older man smirked at him and held his gun up. I can shoot the antennae off an ant from one-hundred free away.

The Strawhats could practically see the stars in his eyes. He looked almost like Chopper. There's nothing I can't shoot," Yasopp said proudly, earning several more cheers from his crew.

When you become a pirate, cool becomes part of your resume," Yasopp said with a wink. He had a very serious expression.

Benn gave Yasopp a disapproving look. He got my wife's nose and my handsome looks. You two would get along well. Slowly, the Red-Hair Pirates backed away from the sniper, leaving only Luffy to listen to his stories. Luffy was interested at first, but was quickly becoming bored. The Strawhats also became tired of listening to Yasopp talk their ears off about Usopp. If this keeps up, he might as well take a nap.

Usopp, unlike his other crewmates, enjoyed seeing his dad talk about him like this. It warmed his heart to see that his father cared for him this much despite never visiting him. The memory abruptly stopped. Admittedly, she was close to falling asleep too. The emptiness faded and Luffy was walking with Shanks across town.

It's been a while I've been fishing as well. Luffy puffed his cheeks. That's unusual," Sanji said.

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Given that the entire world was mostly a big ocean, learning how to swim was one of the first things you learned along with walking and talking. It was surprising that Garp would throw Luffy in a jungle to survive on his own, but he never taught Luffy how to swim.

If Luffy was going to be a marine, he would spend almost all his time on a ship, not on land. He really couldn't imagine Luffy being one of those marines who only stood on base. Since Luffy never learned to swim, he would not miss it once he lost his ability to ever learn," Robin said.

Losing your ability to swim isn't the worst thing in the world," Brook said. He didn't care what Devil Fruit it was, he loved swimming. Besides, he was awesome enough without an ability. Luffy muttered something under his breath as he led Shanks to what the Strawhats assumed to be his house. Robin watched the girl jog back to her table and the figure next to her rubbed her shoulder before casting a glance over at the Straw Hats' table. Chopper had looked up at one point and stared at the unknown girl who looked nicer than the rest of her table.

He was just as put-off by her reaction to seeing Jimbei as Usopp was. Robin sighed and looked back towards the whale shark man at their table. Arlong, Chew, and Kuroobi- who had recovered from being knocked out by Luffy's Haki. They didn't see her staring and shaking in anger. Her eyes were focused on Arlong, her mind filling with horrible memories of her childhood. She felt a hand on her left shoulder and turned to see Luffy's arm extended around the two people between them. His hand felt warm and she smiled, his touch exactly what she needed to calm down.

He was trying hard not to charge across the room and punch Arlong for the things he'd done in East Blue, so he was trying to help his new captain and find Shanks. The whale shark fishman pointed towards a portion of the room where three long rectangle tables were lined up on the wall. Sitting on either side of the tables on benches were smiling, laughing pirates.

Luffy turned that direction and the smile on his face grew larger. Finally he saw the man he was looking for. Red Hair Shanks sat back laughing at Yasopp's joke like any other member of the crew.

He looked different from the last time Luffy saw him. His build was larger, he'd definitely bulked up. There were new scars on his face and he was wearing a long black cloak draped over his back.

His crew turned to him and were stunned to see Luffy actually looked nervous. He pulled his shirt a little to straighten it out and then stood up.

Nami and Chopper both had anxious looks as their captain suggested walking over to an Emperor's table. They slowly got up and took a step towards him but Luffy stopped. The blue haired woman was staring down at her food and looked up at the rubber man with wide eyes. The girl looked around at the rest of the crew and they were all smiling at her as well. The princess moved her hand over to the spot on her arm where the mark saying she was a Straw Hat had long since been washed off.

She looked around and saw everyone felt the same way. With tears held back in the bottom of her eyes she nodded her head with a smile. A few crews and enemy groups turned as the Straw Hats walked past them. Many of the enemies they had made over the years were still angry with them and held grudges for their defeats. They were still a couple tables away when Shanks saw them and shot out of his seat. He was mid-chew and started choking on his food. The whole Yonko's crew laughed as their captain punched himself in the chest over and over until a chunk of meat flew out of his mouth.

She could see where Luffy got his table manners from. The pirate captain's crew stopped laughing and spun around. Lucky got distracted and Ben Beckman slammed his arm through the table before turning as well. The newer members all had smiles on their faces as they'd heard a lot about the kid from their captain.

It was a happy moment for both crews as the two captains embraced. Nami resisted the urge to say, 'Awww. Let's have a party! Shanks slapped his hand to his forehead and looked flustered. Both crews laughed and Luffy started pointing at each one of his friends. That's Brook, he's a skeleton who can talk and a musician. The skeleton started leaning on a table at thirty degrees and the Red Hair Pirates started cracking up. Most of the Straw Hats sweat-dropped at his antics but both captains were laughing along.

Also he's a cyborg," the man behind him started walking forwards slowly with his eyes pointed straight forward. Franky clicked his body multiple times towards Shanks before mechanically lowering his arm.

He stopped pretending to be all robotic and shot up into his signature pose, "YOW it's great to meet you! Luffy continued, "Then there's Jimbei," Shanks looked confused as the large fishman took a step towards him. The crews stared at each other for a few tense seconds until the captains and all of Shanks crew started laughing at the same time.

The mood instantly lightened and Zoro decided not to worry about what the man said. He took it as a challenge and was just going to show him once the matches started back up. Who are these beautiful women behind you?

And Vivi's a princess," Shanks was still looking at Robin with a thoughtful gaze until he heard the last part. He's our chef and he kicks stuff. You should talk to Lucky, he's really good at cooking.

Almost as good as he is at eating! They both chuckled thinking about how similar their own crew acted sometimes. Zoro likes to cut things and Chopper is a shape-shifting reindeer!

You have a very interesting crew Luffy. The Straw Hats looked ahead as a broad shouldered man with dirty-blonde hair stepped forward.

Some had no idea what was going on, but the more they looked at the man, the more they saw the resemblance. They did look alike, but Yasopp didn't have a long nose. Must have been from his mom. She definitely saw him a minute ago, but he was nowhere to be found now. He didn't doubt Luffy for a second though and was looking around for his son just like everyone else. I always knew he'd be a pirate when he got older.

Neither went into much detail about their adventures, instead they made jokes and talked about the fights so far. He looked at the rubber kid sitting next to him with a small smile before answering, "Kyros. That man is truly a warrior. They didn't expect Gladius or Suleiman to be able to stop them in the slightest.

It looked like Big Mom and the Blackbeard Pirates hadn't worried about making a mess and their areas were covered in food and littered with trash. He turned to Luffy who looked a little disappointed that their party didn't last longer.

You better make it far. The crew dumped their garbage into the bins and then put their trays on top where they were supposed to go. Nami stared in shock at how the crew who was so loud and messy cleaned up their area spotlessly.

Sanji growled and spun to the crew, "Why can't you guys clean up like that?! The four of them had snuck away when the other pirate crew were leaving and their food was all over the place. Except for Luffy, who didn't have any crumbs left in his area. While the remaining members decided to help out the staff a little and clean up their spots, Vivi walked up to Nami and questioned, "Why didn't Usopp come over to see his dad?

The Going Merry, she's," the woman stopped and Vivi understood where this was going. She felt hurt knowing that the ship that had taken her from the Twin Capes all the way to her homeland was destroyed, but she gulped and nodded, "Continue. A lot of things happened: Merry died, he apologized, and he finally came back. He still felt really guilty about what happened and how everyone was acting like it didn't so he came to talk to me about it.

His mom died soon after," Vivi was shocked and dropped her jaw, never suspecting something like that happened to the carefree liar. She didn't say anything though and allowed Nami to continue as they walked down the hallway. The lake was refilled, but there were still large cracks all over the stone area. It looked like the part that Inazuma snipped up was tossed to the side in a large pile.