Meet your best friend at the zoo 2014

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meet your best friend at the zoo 2014

Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo is one of the nation's largest off-site pet adoption events. The Detroit Zoological Society hosts this semi-annual event in. ROYAL OAK, MI - The Michigan Humane Society will mark a major milestone on May during Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo, presented. The Nashville Zoo will host an annual pet adoption fair Saturday. 9, | Updated a.m. CT Nov. The zoo is hosting its fourth annual “Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo” animal adoption drive, which has placed

It's rare to have moves between animals in Europe and America, but Bernardo was introduced here with hopes of bringing new blood into the breeding programme.

Meet our Andean bears

Bernardo is sometimes affectionately named Bernie for short by our carnivore keepers here at the zoo. He's been genetically paired with mate, Lima, with hopes that the two will reproduce and put more numbers into the depleting species.

Lima Lima is our beautiful four-year-old female who was brought to Chester Zoo especially to be matched with Bernardo. She came from a zoo in northern France after experts carefully matched her to Bernie.

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Andean bears are vulnerable to extinction in the wild so it's essential that we do all we can to populate the species. In the zoo funded a project in Peru investigating the foraging behaviour of Andean bears. The project ultimately aims to ensure the conservation of the species in the dry forest habitat of northern Peru through scientific research and education, while working collaboratively with private land owners and rural communities to improve their social and economic wellbeing.

Andean bear project The Andean bear faces serious threats, including hunting, habitat loss and bear-human interactions. The Andean bear is the largest carnivore living in the tropical Andes who have been responsible for more than livestock deaths over four years.

meet your best friend at the zoo 2014

Re-watch all the episodes of your favorite TV show. Go to a museum and pretend to understand the first thing about art. Try not to marvel at how much older you look than everyone now.

Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo Fall

Spend all afternoon in a coffee shop, reading books next to each other and watching people come in and out. Go sledding when it snows, even if the hill is pathetically small. Make a ramp out of packed snow and take videos of each other busting your asses falling off of it.

Play Truth or Dare, and actually do everything you get dared to do.

meet your best friend at the zoo 2014

Have an arts-and-crafts session where you make one another paintings to hang up in your respective apartments. And hang them up, even if they look terrible.

Meet our Andean bears | Chester Zoo

Go for a long walk in the park, not necessarily talking, but just enjoying being in a beautiful place together when the weather is nice and the animals are out.

Offer to pet-sit for someone and quench your puppy-owning thirst by taking care of one together for a few days.

meet your best friend at the zoo 2014

Even if you give up after the first tennis lesson, or ski session, or turn around the ice skating rink.