Meet the cast of pretty little liars 2014 halloween

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meet the cast of pretty little liars 2014 halloween

Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Pretty Little Liars with What to Expect from Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists . 3 Episodes (). See more ideas about Pretty little liars seasons, Pretty little lairs and Pretty little liars episodes. Items similar to DIY Pretty Little Liars halloween party invitation --customizable on Etsy. Halloween . Instagram post by Pretty Little Liars • Mar 10, at pm UTC Where Else Have You Seen the Pretty Little Liars Cast. SIGN IN. Pretty Little Liars: A Netflix Original . At a crucial swim meet for the Rosewood Sharks, Emily and Paige are pitted against each other. Plus, Caleb calls.

I think we go for the outrageous because Alison gives you the license to go there. She's mythic in her meanness and naughtiness!

Where we left off Plot that received the most backlash King: We had a lot of broken hearts that night. I'm not a person who follows social media, but certainly I know [ what was big].

meet the cast of pretty little liars 2014 halloween

It was Season 4, and we had to run with the ball and we also we had set a lot up early on with clues, and they were in denial! There was a specific scene in Season 2 where Aria almost went in his drawer and he wouldn't let her and instead put his arm around her and looks back at the drawer.

So the playoff was exciting for me. Fans tend to be very passionate about the relationships and they tend to look at "Ezria" as something untouchable that should be perfect. I keep saying, "If it was perfect, you wouldn't watch it! Relive A's craziest moments! The whole thing with Aria and Ezra is hilarious because to me I'm like, "Dude, get this guy out!

meet the cast of pretty little liars 2014 halloween

He's obviously using you," but everyone's like, "Ezra to the death! So that's one relationship I can't get behind. Worst thing your character has done Pieterse: Alison has done so many bad things but " the Jenna thing " was pretty terrible. That's probably the worst she's done in the sense that someone got hurt.

She's blackmailed people, but blinding someone is pretty irreversible.

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Now she's a totally different person and she's been emotionally wounded so I'm sure that's one of her biggest regrets. My [secret] was pretty nutty where I've been lying this whole time and writing a book.

I thought, "Wow, that's ballsy. As she reaches into the bag, he awakens from sleep and she runs back to her seat. Caleb apologizes to Miranda about asking about her uncle and tells her his story about his uncle.

meet the cast of pretty little liars 2014 halloween

Miranda tells him about her foster parent and decides to get off at the upcoming stop and go home. As she gets up to leave, she notices the man from the back of the bus and decides to stay. As the girls, frightened and anxious, reconvene, they spot Red Coat and chase after her.

They land in a mausoleum, but find that Red Coat has disappeared. The girls notice a spot in the mausoleum and discover a secret passageway.

meet the cast of pretty little liars 2014 halloween

As they walk in, the door behind them closes without warning. The girls continue trekking through the passageway as gusts of wind begin hitting the girls. When the wind stops, Hanna has gone missing.

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As she turns on her cellphone light to read the message, she notices a swarm of rats on the ground and runs through a passageway, which leads to a door to a room in a mansion. Unbeknownst to her, a masked Ezra is lurking behind her. Hanna continues walking through the mansion until she finds a telephone booth. She tries to use the telephone, but it turns out to be a gag. Hanna tries to leave but finds herself locked in with three lights closing in on the outside.

The lights suddenly disappear and the phone rings with a vintage record playing on the other end. Caleb and Miranda arrive in Ravenswood and go their separate ways.

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Miranda walks into the mansion to explore. Meanwhile, Aria, Emily and Spencer find their way into the mansion and notice blood dripping from the ceiling. They suddenly hear Alison's voice and head off to find her, but Spencer gets separated from them. While trapped in the booth, Alison's face appears, but is dragged away and the masked man's image appears in its place.

Miranda then frees Hanna from the booth and together they try to find a way out of the mansion. They enter a room filled with coffins, which triggers a painful memory for Miranda. As they leave, Miranda notices a booklet and takes it with her Aria and Emily find a room with an open window and prepare to leave the house and get help.

As they hear Alison's screams, the girls retreat and the window's jagged glass shuts behind them. Meanwhile, Spencer walks into a greenhouse where she discovers the masked man waiting for her. They wrestle before Spencer picks up hedge cutters. She slices the man's hand and knocks him out.

She reaches for his mask, but he awakens and grabs her. She breaks free before hitting her head against a wooden ledge. He picks up the hedge cuts ad stands over her.