Clara meet 2014 iba zambales basketball drills

Naquem.: Going wild for sea turtles during the inaugural World Wildlife Day

clara meet 2014 iba zambales basketball drills

The nationwide earthquake drill dubbed “Duck, Cover and Hold” called on all . 9, DAR legal team, led by Mariano, met with the schools' board of trustees VECO's 3rd Regulatory Period (3rd RP) covers 1 July to 30 June . San Beda basketball camp set REGISTRATION is still open for the San. And sad too that I was deprived of the chance to meet & play with my Lolo. .. 7) Philippines truly is the basketball capital of the world. why? . Asian 5 Nations Philippine Volcanoes vs Japan Brave Blossoms and .. daily routine to do all those stretching and strengthening exercises my PT gave me. UNA junks Zambales Rep. Mitos Magsaysay in Western Mindanao · UNA Maguindanao gubernatorial bet vows to unite warring clans · UNA Maguindanao .

We trekked part of the way though by joining a group of young men with fishing rods on their way to their favorite fishing spots. We found some men on small boats casting their fishing nets a short distance away from the bank. Fisherman paddles his boat to a spot where he will cast his net.

While waiting for the young men to boast of a squirming catch on their lines, we spent some time with a honey collector nearby as he extracted sweet syrup from beehive fragments.

He said that this is one of the things he does for a living: Historical and spiritual detours. Our quick Bicol trip gave us throwbacks to history starting with our departure point: Early this year, Albay province held Dos Siglo to commemorate the second centennial of the destructive Mayon eruption in It has been painted with lime coating to protect the exterior side from further erosion.

The church facade and bell tower are rich in sculptured ornamentations like saints and other religious symbols, which are properly identified in the documentation of the preservation project.

clara meet 2014 iba zambales basketball drills

This antique church reminded us of the ruins at Cagsaua, result of the violent eruption of Mayon on 01 February As told by the historical marker on the ruins, the people of Cagsaua opted in July of that year to incorporate themselves with Daraga.

Hence, Cagsaua today remains a part of Daraga. Early this year, Albay celebrated Dos Siglo to commemorate the destructive volcanic eruption two centuries ago. Across from it on the other side of the road are two ruins of stone buildings--the presidencia and the school—that date back to the Spanish colonial times.

When we returned from Sorsogon, we revisited Guinobatan, Albay to look for food items. In the search, two monuments caught our special photographic attention: We found the design of the pedestals closely similar.

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The four women figures at the base of the monuments gave us the thought that these two works could have been designed and built by the same artist or group of artists. Because of similarities in structure esp. The standing allegorical women at the Christ monument are named after the cardinal virtues of Justicia justiceFortaleza couragePrudencia prudence and Templanza moderation.

On the the hand, the four Rizal women are seated. The three that we were able to discern symbolize the arts, education and justice. The theme of the welcome arch of Sorsogon province is seafoods symbolized by the crab, shrimp and mussel sculptures there.

This is just purely unacceptable.

clara meet 2014 iba zambales basketball drills

Now, 44 is dead and 44 families were left without the support of their loved one who perished. Ano na ang gagawin natin sa kanila? How would they live? How would they survive?

clara meet 2014 iba zambales basketball drills

And let us not forget the 14 SAF members severely injured with little hopes of ever going back to their jobs and earn keep for their families. Paano na sila ngayon, Ginoong Pangulo? I wanted peace, just like everybody else.

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But how can there be peace without justice? How can there be assurance if questions are not answered? Second, And this is a brave challenge to the MILF, show us your provisions, put it in words to be signed too in the agreement, on what you intend to do with other rogue Muslim rebels in Mindanao coz clearly, not every Muslim is on the same page as the MILF are.

Walang taguan, walang lihiman. Every cards laid on the table. No more intelligence reports of terrorists being harbored and cared for in your area. No more news of hidden firearm plants. No more senseless killing, no more retaliating.

Naquem.: Three days of dancing at the Obando Pintakasi

Ako po ay nanawagan, nakikiusap. There should be accountability on both parties — be it with the President who went out of his way to break the chain of command and went on with the operations, with the troops who did not heed the order to cease and desist when the ceasefire committees ordered them to, or the ground commanders who failed to control his men in the area.

clara meet 2014 iba zambales basketball drills

If not them, then who is responsible? PawiCare stands for pawikan care that would involve a diligent sea turtle watch by the rangers: They tell about the night when four pawikans landed.

Two patrols had to deal with four simultaneous nestings, and they could not assist each other because the nests were so far apart!

In the past, eggs were hunted for the market and the dining table. Poaching has now ended in our town, thanks to these volunteers and the support of the barangay council and the town government. The nesting season is from October to March. We thought the season has ended with the release of the last batch of hatchlings on 03 March. Two days later, however, the rangers found a nester with 90 eggs, which they will care for at the hatchery until hatchlings emerge from their sand nest in 45 to 70 days.

During the season, especially when the eggs started hatching, friends and visitors flocked to the hatchery to see how baby turtles look like.

If they came early morning or around sunset, they possibly had a chance to release hatchlings to the sea. All in all, there were 53 adult sea turtles that laid 3, eggs from which 3, hatchlings emerged.