Pacific coast all star meet 2012 nfl

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pacific coast all star meet 2012 nfl

Each January, Pacific Swimming takes up to 32 swimmers to the Pacific Coast All -Star Meet to compete against teams from Oregon, Pacific. He earned all-district and All-Pacific Coast Conference North acclaim in and ' As a football player, he was named honorable mention All-American, . Green was He was inducted into the Pac Hall of Honor in He is the second all-time leading dual meet point scorer at OSU (). Each January, Pacific Swimming takes up to 32 swimmers to the Pacific Coast All -Star Meet to compete against teams from Oregon, Pacific Northwest, and.

The sequence began every week with a different celebrity walking down the street, picking up a glowing football helmet with the ESPN logo on the side and saying, "I'm ready for some football!

The Syndicate's computer-generated tease was dropped and replaced by short pre-taped films focusing on a team or player in the game.

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Some of them have featured actor Jamie Foxx. The guest visits continued: Barkley returned to the booth on September 17 in Philadelphia. In addition, Gordon was a halftime guest on the game just before the season-ending Ford and was joined by teammate Jimmie Johnson.

pacific coast all star meet 2012 nfl

At the end of each game, Williams returned to say, "See you in city that is the site of the next week's game. This time, the opening sequence was set in a private residence. At the end of the song, Williams Jr.

pacific coast all star meet 2012 nfl

The helmets were launched from the home toward the stadium at which the game was held. Through computer-generated imagery, the helmets "land" at midfield during a live shot, and then explode. The "exploding helmets" gimmick was also used at various times in the s and s during the pre-game tease. ESPN also continued to promote upcoming albums through its use in bumper music.

Monday Night Football celebrated its th game broadcast on October 20, in a game which the New England Patriots defeated the Denver Broncos41—7. The transition to Williams Jr. As with the previous season as mentioned abovethe helmets "land" at midfield during a live shot and then crashed into each other. After that, the picture was freezeframed and the shot zoomed out to the book, which showed the freezeframed picture as part of a page. As this happened, the NFL end-of-game bumper music was played and the book closed, revealing a golden NFL logo on the back cover and signifying the end of the "chapter", or game.

The scene was filmed in the summer of at The Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee. The telecast ended with a vignette that featured Gifford taking a look back at highlights from the previous four decades — and the 40th season — of MNF, after which the book closed, signifying the end of the season. This time, Williams Jr.

In one other minor difference, the chapter numbers in the "book" were changed from Roman to Arabic numerals. Gifford provided new vignettes and the Parthenon scenes were repeated from the year before.

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The season marked Williams' 22nd as part of the telecast's open. In an unusual coincidence, both games which had the New York Jets as a home team at New Meadowlands Stadium now MetLife Stadium were delayed because of heavy rain and lightning in the area. In the first instance, the September 13 game against the Baltimore Ravensit was delayed 25 minutes; the second delay, prior to the October 11 contest against the Minnesota Vikingslasted for 40 minutes.

Prior to the September 13 game, the last ESPN telecast to encounter weather problems was on October 4, a Sunday night when lightning halted a game between the Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Chiefs during the second quarter. As inthe broadcast was shifted to ESPN once the first game was over. The game between the Jets and the Vikings was both Brett Favre 's first game in East Rutherford since his only season there in and marked Randy Moss 's return to the Vikings. Moss played only four games for Minnesota until he was waived on November 2.

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The end of the opening sequence featured the team logos of that night's participants transitioning into the new ESPN Monday Night Football logo before going to a live shot. We appreciate his contributions over the past years. The success of Monday Night Football has always been about the games and that will continue.

It's been a great run.

Pacific Coast All Stars January 2015

For the second year in a row, and the third time overall, the beginning of the In addition, color commentator Ron Jaworski did not return to the booth after 5 seasons.

As a result, Jon Gruden became the solo color commentator, with MNF going back to a two-man booth for the first time since its final season on ABC MNF's opening graphic sequence, which showed the helmet logos of the game's two participating NFL teams and then the program's logo, was seen before the Monday Night Football Launch segment.

At the end of the sequence, helmets featuring logos of that night's two participating teams are shown, followed by the various Monday Night Football logos used since the program's debut in A revision of the opening sequence was used for the season.

Among the few changes, GMC's product placement promoted the automaker's line of Denali vehicles, while the sequence itself included some additional highlights of MNF games from the previous 44 seasons up to GMC's product placement once again promoted the automaker's line of Denali vehicles, including the Yukon Denali that is seen at the beginning.

Also among the many changes is the highlights of MNF games — this time, they are set inside a computer-generated stadium using 3D imagery — from the previous 45 seasons up to It begins with a shot of a downtown stadium surrounded by skyscrapers, with a GMC Acadia product placement again provided by GMC displaying the location for that week's MNF game on its navigation system.

The Acadia then heads to a glitzy red carpet at the stadium's entrance, where McDonough, Gruden and Salters exit the car, followed on the carpet by a flood of NFL players representing the past and present of MNF.

Players then pose for pictures and wave to the crowd as they reach the stadium entrance. The Hollywood-themed open was repeated from the previous season, this time with the GMC Terrain being used as the automaker's product placement. Also, Hank Williams, Jr. Also, ESPN once again scaled back to only one opening tease for the season, as the Hollywood-themed open was dropped after two seasons.

In the case of the latter, it was originally scheduled to be played at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, but was moved to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum the Rams' current home stadium, which itself last hosted a Monday Night Football game in due to the poor field conditions at the former. The game would be the highest scoring game in MNF history, with the Rams defeating the Chiefs by a score of 54— Theme music[ edit ] Hank Williams Jr. In addition, Edd Kalehoff modernized the classic " Heavy Action " theme in Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources.

Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. September Learn how and when to remove this template message Prior toMonday Night Football had a limited graphics package.

The strike lasted for two days ending with a new four year CBA which was reached after the owners threatened to cancel the season. Also, players' pensions were improved and dental care was added to the players' insurance plans.

pacific coast all star meet 2012 nfl

Players also gained the right to select representation on the league's retirement board and the right to impartial arbitration for injury grievances. Unfazed, the players were determined to create a stronger union through better communication.

Headquarters were established in Washington, D. In addition to the "Rozelle Rule", the players demanded the elimination of the option clauseimpartial arbitration of disputes, elimination of the draft and waiver system and individual, rather than uniform contracts. The strike occurred because the union demanded that a wage scale based on percentage of gross revenues be implemented.

NBC acquired the rights to Canadian Football League games from ESPNand aired them with NFL-like production values; the first four games it showed were all blowoutshowever, with poor ratings, and the network gave up. For three weeks, the NFL staged games with hastily assembled replacement teams, [31] [43] made up principally of players cut during training camp and players left out of work from the closure of the United States Football League two years prior along with, to a lesser extent, the Montreal Alouettes of the CFLwho had folded just three months prior to the strike.

The strike ended on October 15,without a collective bargaining agreement in place. Having done that, individual players, led by Freeman McNeil of the New York Jets, brought a new antitrust action, challenging the NFL's so-called " Plan B " free agency, which gave teams a right of first refusal to sign a player, as an unlawful practice under the antitrust acts. That verdict, the pendency of other antitrust cases and the threat of a class action lawsuit filed by Reggie Whitethen with the Philadelphia Eagleson behalf of all NFL players caused the parties to settle the antitrust cases and to agree on a formula that permitted free agency.

The agreement also established a salary floor—minimum payrolls all teams were obliged to pay. Once the agreement was approved, the NFLPA reconstituted itself as a labor union and entered into a new collective bargaining agreement with the league.