Meet the candidates 2012 scholastic news

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meet the candidates 2012 scholastic news

Go beyond the magazine Scholastic News Interactive. NEW! Election Meet Joe Biden Scholastic News Scholastic News Online | 9/7/ It's official!. ELECTION Scholastic Kid Reporters are on the campaign trail. Keep up with the latest election news in this special report. After months of campaigning. concord new hampshire republican primary debate The six Republican candidates for President listen to a question from Meet the Press moderator David.

He replied he would cut the Departments of Commerce, Energy and Education. At an earlier debate, Perry stumbled when answering the same question.

meet the candidates 2012 scholastic news

This time he answered successfully, and his reply was met with both applause and laughter. When the candidates weren't talking about issues, they were going after Romney.

meet the candidates 2012 scholastic news

The former Massachusetts governor won the Iowa caucus last week and is considered the frontrunner for the Republican nomination. Gregory repeatedly asked the other candidates to comment on Romney and his record. What is disqualifying, in your judgment?

meet the candidates 2012 scholastic news

This is where campaign supporters and staff "spin" what happened during the debate in their candidate's favor. Matt Damon, a member of the Huntsman campaign and not the actorsaid that Huntsman's performance distinguished him from Romney.

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This will make a difference in the results on Tuesday. Hammond, Gingrich's spokesman, thought the debate was a good one and that it was a win for Gingrich. Although the Huntsman and Gingrich supporters seemed pleased with the debate, Ron Paul spokesperson Bob Goodman was not so happy. Arguing the Specifics The debate began on a friendly note.

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President Obama pointed out that he and his wife, Michelle, were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary that evening. Both spouses were in the audience and greeted each other warmly before the debate began. The candidates quickly began quoting numbers and listing specifics in their policy proposals.

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They also disagreed over Medicare and the new health care law now commonly referred to as Obamacare. Romney said his plan in Massachusetts worked because it was designed to meet the needs of a specific state.

He opposes Obama's plan because "the federal government should not be telling people" how to handle their health care.

meet the candidates 2012 scholastic news

Voters Still Undecided So who won the first debate of the season? Students outside the debate hall debated that question after the candidates gave their closing statements. They did a really good job explaining the topics.

meet the candidates 2012 scholastic news