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Daniel Radcliffe on alcoholism, starving himself, Harry Potter - and the day he fell in love

See more. meeting daniel radcliffe - Google Search Daniel Radcliffe, Meet, Google Search, Celebrities,. Daniel . meet and greet celebrities - Google Search Honda, Meet, Google Search, Celebrities, July | | Reach for the Stars. State Senator Daniel Biss meet & greet happening at Quality April 20th Daniel Craig, Cate Blanchett, Allison Janney, Josh Groban, Daniel Radcliffe, Sally Field and Corey ANN ARBOR -- Nearly five years ago, in July , James Daniel III weighed . Ricciardo sets early pace in testing as Honda's struggles continue. Jun 24, She’d met Daniel Radcliffe before after she saw him in Equus, the last time he appeared on Broadway. She kind of gave Jen and me the lowdown: he would not sign anything Harry Potter related. Anyway, I don’t really know, but I wouldn’t have had him sign any Harry Potter.

Set on a remote island, it features Paul Dano as a suicidal castaway, who is trapped alone until the corpse washes up. Getty The film, which premiered at the recent Sundance festival, divided critics. Anyway, he says, he feels content. More comfortable with the fact that I am a person that loves just hanging out with my friends. Or watching quiz shows. I am comfortable with the things about myself that I used to think, man, am I really boring? Should I be going out and getting wasted all the time?

I barely think about it [alcohol]. Dude, are you OK?


As anyone who gets famous young will feel at some point, you have to prove that you deserve the luck you got Binge-drinking, after all, is not uncommon in twentysomethings. It starts as a normal impulse then escalates beyond his control. I was a really voracious reader in my teens and that was one of the things I found drinking took away from me, bizarrely, as a side effect.

Daniel Radcliffe on alcoholism, starving himself, Harry Potter - and the day he fell in love

Radcliffe made his screen debut aged 10 and was offered the part in Harry Potter shortly after Credit: So now he works out in the gym and goes running. He auditioned for Harry Potter in June ; it was confirmed he had the role just over a month later. It would end in Mayalmost a decade later. Rex features Radcliffe has always been critical of his performance in Harry Potter — particularly in the first two films: Getty images He is very lucky with his parents.

Radcliffe owns three properties in Manhattan: They are not at home with their parents any more. But something comes over Japanese fans in particular. He started on the other side first, making his way down the line, taking his sweet old time, and signing whatever he could.

When he came around to our side, Jen, who was standing right in front of me this was a time where I definitely appreciated being tall. Congratulations on your Tony Award.

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He was utterly fantastic. And he signed her playbill and my program I bought at the show last week.

Wishing A Very Happy Birthday to Daniel Radcliffe- Hollywood’s Wizard boy ‘Harry Potter’

Where we were in relation to the stage door which was around that pillar on the far right. They did block the sidewalk for a while when the actors started coming out.

I apologize in advance: Ronnie said before any of them had come out yet that Dan normally came out about a half hour after John Larroquette. That was certainly not the case tonight. Either he wanted to get home or he had somewhere else to be, because John had just started at the beginning of our side when all of sudden the door opened and there was this loud scream and he was standing on the other side, his body guard in tow.

How to Succeed in Meeting Daniel Radcliffe | I Love New York.

I admit, I was freaking out a little, but not too visibly. It was more exciting to just see him in person. A lot of the other chorus and orchestra members had already come out right when the show was done before a lot of the audience had even left the theater.

They just walked off down the street, clearly unfazed by what was going on. Then Daniel came to our side and started signing autographs on everything pushed in his face. Some girl even reached out her phone for him to sign. But, again, I was surprisingly calm throughout the whole time. He talked to Jen and Alexa too. Afterward, she mentioned she touched his bicep which I thought was kind of weird but incredibly hilarious because she just decided to reach out and touch it for no reason, not even to get his attention or anything.

I feel like his body guard was staring at me. But what a trooper for going out night after night to sign a few playbills and posters and allow his fans a closer glimpse of him.

Every time I tried getting a picture of him on the other side when he was signing over there after he first came outside, his body guard kept getting in the way. Then I texted the five people I knew would want to know right away, and called my mom.